Nintendo unveils tons of dates and a few new games

Just moments ago, you heard about the impending release of Punch-Out!!, but Nintendo wasn't done with the dates by a long shot. In fact, you'll find a whole list of games and their accompanying release windows after the break, including can't-miss gems and ... well, other stuff.

Of the latter category, our favorite right now is Garfield's Pet Force, but watch out! Jelly Belly Ballistic Beans is nipping at his lasagna-swollen heels! Check out the whole list right after the break.

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jay23552d ago

Well still no DSI games........

callahan093552d ago

Why isn't Pokemon Platinum listed?

NIN643552d ago

No Play Control Metriod Prime or Dead Space Extraction dates. . .
They are the only Wii games I will be purchasing this year!

FinalomegaS3551d ago

not even The Conduit or Madworld?

jrsenkbe3552d ago

the only two good games on the list that arent multiplat are Mario Tennis and Punchout

Voiceofreason3552d ago

Yeah only 2 are exclusive.. If you look over the NIntendo exclusives of course and Conduit, Boom Blox,Overlord,Ready to rumble, and many others.. Your gaming knowledge is pathetic.

jrsenkbe3552d ago

Those are the ONLY exclusive games that I WANT to play.

ChaoticStupid3551d ago

Well you probably would have been better off saying that the first time instead of yelling it at someone that pointed out how bad it sounded. After all there is a big difference between. Only 2 good games. and Only 2 good games I want.

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