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Dorjan3554d ago

Another exclusive! XBox is still really strong.

Leord3554d ago

Indeed. I wonder how much cash they throw at developers to make it exclusive...

DelbertGrady3554d ago

And you think Sony and Nintendo get their exclusives for free right?

Fishy Fingers3554d ago

Sony dont, well didnt as of 2007...
"We have a very different approach to exclusives than some of our competitors. We don't buy exclusivity. We don't fund development. We don't, for the lack of a better term, bribe somebody to only do a game on our platform." - Jack Tretton

Nintendo - not sure about.

Regarding Ninja Blade, I doubt MS paid for exclusivity, perhaps helped fund development or lent a hand. But From Software have exclusives on both platforms.

ActionBastard3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Sony makes their exclusives, just like Nintendo. MS buys them because they don't have the internal girth to do what Sony and Nintendo do.

Also, what about Ninja Blade would make ANYONE think the 360 is "still really strong"?

@ Soda
No, but it doesn't scream HIT to me. It doesn't scream HIT period. But does it need to? Does it need a counterfeit cult following? If eyes weren't on MS's exclusive lineup (or lack thereof) I don't think this game would matter in the slightest. If it were released in 2007 or 2008, it would have been ignored. But because there's relatively nothing, people feel the need to swarm over mediocrity. Same thing happened with Haze.

DelbertGrady3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Isn't Jack Tretton the same guy who also said "If you can find a PS3 anywhere in North America that's been on shelves for more than five minutes, I'll give you 1200 bucks for it."?

I'm not naive enough to believe that anything corporate suits from multinational companies tell me is the truth. Sonys marketing for the PS3 was built on lies but you still think they are telling the truth when it comes to how they handle exclusives ;)

Anyways, it's not like I will stay away from playing this game or any other game for that matter because "M$" or some other company paid for it's exclusivity.

@Action Bastard - Have you played the game? I have tried it at a friends who owns a modded 360. Will be getting it.

Karum3554d ago

You don't have to believe what Tretton said in that article Soda.

The proof is in the pudding as it were. I mean look at where Sony's exclusives are coming from, their first party studios and some other independent studios like Insomniac who just like working on PS platforms.

They'll maybe offer some financial support in the way of marketing or publishing to some 3rd party studios or even make a deal for some exclusive DLC (I think they have exclusive Mirrors Edge DLC?) but in general they aren't out throwing money at 3rd party devs for exclusives.

thenickel3554d ago

It's funny how this good news for potetial and existing owners of 360 gets smashed by the usual suspects. If MS paid to bring it to there box and utilize it's strengths then good for them. Ninja blade is a buy for me and looks to have some great potential.

DelbertGrady3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Have you seen them negotiate? Have you seen their contracts? If not, how can you be so sure? Are you sure the developers aren't just saying it to get good publicity?

According to your logic they must also really hate money since they love developing for the console that has the lowest software attach ratio of the three. Major 360 exclusives have had much better sales than PS3 exclusives, but as you say PS3 developers probably don't care about money at all. As long as they can be best buddies with Sony they don't need to get paid.

If it's such a good deal how come more and more developers have gone multiplatform this gen? The answer is because it generates more money for which they can make more games. Sony pays their developers to stay exclusive, just like MS and Nintendo do.

"They'll maybe offer some financial support in the way of marketing or publishing to some 3rd party studios or even make a deal for some exclusive DLC"

Who do you think paid GG $60 million to make Killzone 2? Jesus?

@Action Bastard

"Sony makes their exclusives, just like Nintendo. MS buys them because they don't have the internal girth to do what Sony and Nintendo do."

MS In-house:
Lionhead, Rare, Turn 10, Ruffian, Wingnut Interactive, Xbox Live Productions.

4Sh0w3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Is why people think buying out a once independent studio to make exclusive games solely for your platform is not a bribe but just paying a 3rd party dev to make 1 new IP or existing IP exclusively for your platform is a bribe. In both cases sony and microsoft have paid or bribed if you prefer a developer for their talent. Can those who say its different please explain why.

Karum3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

What are you banging on about?

Look at Insomniac, independent studio whose games are published by Sony. Look at my last post, where I mentioned they probably offer support in publishing and marketing. Sony did both those things with Resistence 2 (and R1 and the R&C games) which is IG's most recent game. I haven't see nthe contracts no but there's not much long with my logic, Insomniac's games have been published and marketed by Sony, just like I mentioned.

Here's a question for you though, have you seen the contracts in order to prove they do throw money at people? I think if sony were into throwing money at people for exclusive games then FF13 wouldn't be coming to the 360.

And did you honestly just bring up Killzone 2? created by a company who are 100% owned by Sony? Killzone was only ever going to be an exclusive and of course Sony was going to give them cash and invest in their own studios. It's no different than MS investing in Halo since the people that made it were owned by MS.

Sony have a different strategy this gen, the VAST majority of their exclusive games are from their own first part studios, studios they own. No matter how much you disagree or argue with that you will be wrong because there is simply no arguing or debating fact.

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Maticus3554d ago

Yes! More ninja games please!

Leord3554d ago

"Teenage Mutant, Ninja Turtles"


AndyA3554d ago

Like the sound of this but it can't be better than Gaiden. Can it?

die_fiend3554d ago

No, it definitely can't


i would not be to sure about that....

NG1 was a classic, but NG2 ( this is my humble opinion) was a let down for many reasons.

From what i played of the demo, it was really good fun and i could see the potential in the game. also bare in mind these guys made Otogi 1 and 2, which were also classics. i would love to see a next gen otogi, can you imagine what it would be pushing on screen. i mean on the old xbox i am sure it came close to pushing 100 characters at once, not to mention the destructible environments back then.

it could be a surprise hit. we will have to see.

Fyzzu3554d ago

Looks fairly interesting, actually. Might be a neat little game to show people. "Look! Look at how cool this is!"

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