Argent Tournament Area Appears In WoW

A new tournament area has sprung up on the test realms of World of Warcraft's upcoming Patch 3.1.

The buildings are not complete and by the looks of it there will be a few stages available on each of the PTR updates. The Argent Dawn, with the help of some Goblins, are building a Colosseum which is located directly north of Sindragosa's Fall in Icecrown. There are currently two daily quests available at this first stage of the Argent Tournament.

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Maticus3582d ago

More news every day about additional stuff in patch 3.1. This patch is already shaping up to be tremendous, I just hope it's not being tested for too long...

Leord3582d ago

Well, if the content is huge, the testing phase usually needs to be longer =(

Leord3582d ago

Oh, another Sunwell-esque project! =)

Well, at least it's not Ahn Quiraj all over again =P

Dorjan3582d ago

I hope this massive patch doesn't break the game like the last one did!

Leord3582d ago

Hehe, can you recall a patch that didn't? =D

AndyA3582d ago

Sounds like a pretty substantial patch, all in all.

Fyzzu3582d ago

I eagerly await fighting with 600 other people over some piles of wood to unlock content I'll probably not use.

Shouldn't take TOO long, at least, if it's going to be like Sunwell or AQ...

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