EverQuest Raises $20,000 USD For Charity

Sony Online Entertainment has donated over $20,000 USD to the Child's Play 2009 Winter Charity Drive, with help from players of the popular MMOs EverQuest and EverQuest II.

Each time a player of EQ or EQII bought a certain Child's Play virtual item on the Marketplace with Station Cash, SOE's recently introduced in-game currency, SOE donated $10 USD to the charity.

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Maticus3549d ago

If only more companies would do this sort of thing, well done SOE.

Leord3549d ago

I suppose every little helps...

Medievaldragon3549d ago

If every company dedicated that much effort and care, the country wouldn't have gone into recession. Although the blame has to go to maintaining a 10 years fiasco war.

Dorjan3549d ago


Good job everquest!

Fyzzu3549d ago

Aw. That's kinda sweet.

Leord3549d ago

Not that 20 000 is that much money... It's what WoW tournament players get when ending up like 5th... =P

thetamer3549d ago

Well done EQ gang, that is pretty impressive.

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