The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: best & worst videogame box art

PC World rates videogame boxes through the ages...

"Video game boxes have never enjoyed a particularly prestigious reputation. That's because most of them suck. From Marcus Fenix's gun to Lara Croft's 'guns', they tend to appeal to the lowest common denominator - which usually means 15-year-old boys. Consequently, the majority of game box 'art' resembles a bad cover for a straight-to-DVD action flick, no matter how critically acclaimed the game inside may be. Compared to music albums, with their fancy refracting prisms and American-flagged tongues, the majority of boxes are a complete embarrassment.

Occasionally, however, a games publisher will dare to think outside the 'box', and come up with something truly avant-garde. In these rare instances, a game will leap off the shelf and attack your giddy eyeballs like the best movie posters from Saul Bass or Drew Struzan. They are - essentially - art (or as close to art as a bullet-spewing alien can get).

In the following slideshow we take a look at some of the best and worst examples of video game box art, including a few dusty relics from our own private collection. And yes, Metro-Cross is naturally included. It wouldn't be a game box gallery without it."

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grumpysmurf3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Tragically, quite a few of these boxes are from my own personal collection. I felt like a right tool carrying them to work on the train. (Luckily no one beat me up.)

Seth Isurus3555d ago

No love for Shadow of the Colossus? For shame.

grumpysmurf3555d ago

Well, ICO is on there. Same diff.

Seth Isurus3555d ago

The Shadow of the Colossus box sh*ts all over ICO (and know, I don't mean the American version).

blacksmithsdaughter3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

...and sometimes you are blessed with a state of the art Amstrad CPC 464, you save up all your pennies for a testosterone inspired, action adventure like Ninja Master, only to discover, contrary to the amazing cover, the truth is much more 'subtle'.....

intruder_qc3555d ago

Ahhhh many of my favorite cover are there!!!

Psygnosis cover FTW!!! Those were really cool cover, I know it doesnt really depict the game, but damn those were georgous drawing/painting.

grumpysmurf3554d ago

Psygnosis boxes were indeed awesome. How come they don't make covers like that any more? Must've been an 80s thing, I guess.

jtucker783555d ago

Psygnosis were awesome.

Did any of you play Leander? Great game!

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The story is too old to be commented.