Square Enix New and Upcoming North American Releases (February 2009)

These are the new and upcoming Square Enix North American releases. Included are:
- Star Ocean: The Last Hope
- Dragon Quest V
- Valkyrie Profile
- Dissidia Final Fantasy
- Echoes of Time

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mpmaley3553d ago

I wonder how many time periods or articles like these will be posted before there is a SE game released for the PS3...

Seems like it will be 3 years in the consoles lifetime before a SE game is released on the system...ouch.

cyrus2283553d ago

only exclusive i know square is givin is final fantasy versus. but w/e i have both systems, luvin star ocean right now :D

valkyrie profile 2 weeks, YES!!!! just beat star ocean 2 on psp, just gotta do sidequest. me luvs tri-ace

SpoonyRedMage3553d ago

Versus and Kingdom Hearts 3 as far as I know but perhaps they're being put off by the fanboys? No offence to genuine Square Enix fans who have PS3s.

Also the PS3 seems to take the longest time out of all the current platforms to develop games for, 360 being second longest.

Also three of those are for the DS which means they took the shortest amount of time to be developed.

Anyway PS3 owners just need to be patient, they should be getting the improved version of The Last Remnant some time this year(preferrably before FFXIII;)) and there's two exclusives lined up(for now anyway).

Da One3553d ago

It might be on the Wii for all we know but i just want my FF's please

SpoonyRedMage3553d ago

May be you are correct but I could have sworn they said it'll be for the PS3 but development hasn't started. I think the Wii might be better though because they can avoid all the inevitable complaints about graphics.

ChaoticStupid3552d ago

True you can only do so much with animation and Donald Duck in HD just doesnt seem like Eye Candy. Besides KH is really for kids and they're more often than not on the Wii. Square has always gone where the money is so if their Wii games sale we may see KH on the Wii yet.

cyrus2283552d ago

why did i get disagree's?????

star ocean is amazing!!!! its so funny too. nudee reimi :D

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