Forget Lost Planet and Dead Rising Sequels, Where's My Mega Man Legends 3?

SCRAWL: "Capcom's been going all out lately, having recently announced sequels to their first shots at next-gen development, Dead Rising and Lost Planet. Combine those titles with their already announced Bionic Commando, Dark Void, Resident Evil 5, and their recently released Street Fighter IV, and Capcom has one hell of a line-up for 2009. But with all these games, we've yet to see one character make his jump to next-gen, and his name is Mega Man."

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qface643549d ago

not even just megaman legends 3 where's mega man at all and no no no those stupid mega man battle network games DO NOT COUNT those are trash

rogimusprime3549d ago

my resident evil trilogy on the PS store, dammit? I heard all this talk about capcom on PSN, but they have yet to deliver the real goods.

PS360WII3549d ago

Psh forget that. Where's my Breath of Fire!

Coheno3549d ago

Thank you! I have been wondering about this for A LONG time, since completing, the awesome, Mega Man Legends 2 on PSOne!

Please give it to me!