TeamXbox: Overlord II Preview

TeamXbox writes: "Yet another game that sits on the huge pile of "sleeper hits" or "critical faves" – a dusty mound of neglected titles that sadly gets larger every year - has been lucky enough to be published by a publisher run by a sane person who knows that hidden gem deserves another chance in the limelight. This time we're talking about Overlord II, the sequel to 2007's fun and intriguing (and flawed) Overlord, which made it fun to be bad again.

Overlord was a decent game with at least one super awesome function that was sadly overlooked by the video game community at large. Before you warm up your pirated copy of MS Office and dash me off a screed explaining what a faithful member of the Overlord community you've stayed all these years, cool it. I believe you. Overlord is a game worthy of your obsessive praise, and the sequel in the works is the answer to your evil, black, prayers."

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