Microsoft Needs More Third Party Support Than Sony

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: "Regardless of which console suits your personal preferences this generation, any gamer in the world should have a little respect for Microsoft. It's as though they studied a few things that made the Playstation 2 such a powerhouse last generation and mirrored it as well as adding a few innovations along the way. Sony dominated last generation because of the Playstation 2's enormous library that appealed to fans of all genres and the exclusive support from many third party developers."

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Hiruma Youchi3551d ago

theres always place for third party exclusive.

nix3551d ago

as much as third party played vital roles in winning the console war last gen, this time it's the first party games that will make the impact.

MS probably was trying to play the game that Sony played with PS2, gathering third party games. but Sony certainly didn't seem to be interested in depending on 3rd party devs. it's obvious that they were the console leaders so they wanted to make "Sony games" too which means... not only people will look up to Sony and say they make great hardwares, they will also say "Sony make great games" too.

anyway, while MS was busy attracting 3rd party devs, Sony built its own army to make games.. no wonder they are the 3rd (?) largest devs in the industry. i personally think that Sony has always changed the gaming scene. just when everyone thought 3rd party support will tilt the war, Sony shows them their own games.

if MS' business plan was to depend on 3rd party, then yes, they need more 3rd party support.

Danja3551d ago

well when they are closing down 1st party studios hell yeah they need 3rd party support..

1st party games >>> 3rd party games ne day

MasFlowKiller3551d ago

MS shot themselves in the foot, they paid developers to go multiplat and now want them to lose money to go exclusive? no matter how big the check is selling games to as many gamer is the name of the game

panasonic233551d ago

nice artcile indeed ps2 was dominate because of the third party support but now third party support MS now.

Helghast Slayer3551d ago

Woo hoo i just got Killzone2 now. Man even the tin case screams EPIC!!!. Ok back to your bickering lol.

ps921173551d ago

who made the best selling ps2 game of all time, who made socom, who made god of war, who made jack and daxter, who made SOTC, who made R&D.

Fakes3551d ago

Ms needs more exclusives,not timed exclusives.Something that will compare or better Killzone2.

MrWeymes3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I certainly hope that Killzone 2 is worthy of all the hype bestowed upon it. I haven't even played the demo myself, so I don't really have an opinion yet.

In relation to the rest of your comment, I think timed exclusives are smart as well, especially when they're shrouded in mystery with gamers not knowing whether they will go multiplatform or not.

Being a multiconsole owner myself, I always get a game for the first console that has it.

PS3istheshit3551d ago

i dont think that will happen
im not being biased but i dont think microsoft will last this year
i seriously cant think of anything better than the ps3 library and features and just the whole [email protected] system
360 cant even do uncharted 1 and that came out in 2007
2 years later and they still cant beat that?
i feel bad for them
but Sony always takes home the prize

MrWeymes3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I believe that the Xbox 360 is capable of graphics comparable to the Playstation 3. Even if it weren't, you have to remember that the Playstation 2 was the weakest console last generation in terms of graphical capabilities, yet it's renowned as the clear winner of last generation.

As long as Microsoft keeps releasing quality games, they will be fine. The same goes for Sony and Nintendo. Sony could release the best looking game of all time, but if it plays like crap, it won't sell.

mirroredderorrim3551d ago

In the midst of this recession.. I want to see how many 50 million dollar packages MS has lined up for thirdparties.


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