Left 4 Dead Patch Causes... Outcry?

"Anyone who has played Left 4 Dead on Xbox 360 has no doubt at least seen or participated in one of the many glitches, tricks, or exploits that were rampant throughout the game to give your team, or the Survivors an edge. Well, hopefully you used them while you could; those of you who played Left 4 Dead and connected to Xbox Live yesterday were prompted to download a mandatory update for the game. Fixing almost every exploit there was, and making a slew of other changes...."

"Reading it tells gamers a number of things, one being that using exploits and glitches obviously became a major part of playing the game. But why?"

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italianbreadman3552d ago

I'm not surprised. Give gamers fun toys to play with and special ways to get over on the system... then take them away? That could make somebody upset.

Spoiled, yes, but still, I don't blame them.

pumpkinpunker3552d ago

I do blame them because there are so many terrible players who use exploits instead of learning to play the game.

somethingSQUISHY3552d ago

These exploits (blocking, skipping horde events, etc.) were actively ruining the VS mode experience for many players. It got to the point where 9 out of 10 games I played ended with my friends and I either quitting out, or forcing a vote to return to the lobby (dumpster at the top of the ladder in NM3 anyone?!).

The fact that so many are complaining about a brilliant patch that fixed all of these exploits means that the terrible players who did their best to make L4D as frustrating an experience as possible will now leave the community. Hooray for the rest of us!

y0haN3552d ago

Cry some more, this patch has been out for PC for months and the game is better for it.

Bloodwar3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

who were using the exploits like blocking our path with their zombies by moving the forklift. Carry gas canisters, folk. But damn, it will be so nice to see the blocking exploit taken care of. I don't believe in cheating and know how to beat the cheaters and then put it in their faces when we do beat them.

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pumpkinpunker3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

People need to learn to play. Anyway, I vote this game GOTY 2008.

Anon19743551d ago

It just makes sense that it include all the up-to-date patches.

solar3551d ago

so do i. been playing it everyday since it has been released. great great fun.

003552d ago

but the ones in versus just ruined the game when basically everyone was doing them.

Unicron3552d ago

Best $25 I ever spent.

And by $25, I mean $250, since I decided to upgrade my videocard too. Bring on the free mods!

forthegamergood3551d ago

I manged to snag it by paying £52 for every Valve title ever, which is still hands down the best justoverfifty quid I've ever spent, as it averages out at around two pounds for titles like L4D and Half Life: 2, not to mention TF2, CS: Source, etc....

Valve FTW.

2FootYard3552d ago

I get so annoyed by Left 4 Dead glitchers.

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