Game Focus: Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers Review

For $30 there are definitely worse games you could buy for the Wii, but most will likely overlook the title due to the inherent "dirty" feeling you get from playing a game about a pair of sisters who slay zombies while barely dressed. If you can look past its glaring issues and let yourself be taken in by the simplicity of the gameplay, you might just find a worthwhile, albeit poorly explained, game that's worthy of at least a rental if not a permanent place in your Wii collection.

+ Controls are fairly simple, but work incredibly well for the Wii.
+ Saki's Beat Mode is refreshingly different from the tedious swordplay.
+ Hacking and slashing is fun in short bursts.
+ Plenty of modes.
+ Nice price.

- Nothing is really explained clearly, from the story to the controls.
- Will likely make anyone over the age of 30 feel like a dirty old man.
- Generic techno-rock and bland environments.
- Sets the equal rights movement back about 50 years.
- Takes itself way too seriously.

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