Polyphony Digital's Tuned Infiniti G37

If you've spent any amount of time playing GT5 Prologue, you've surely noticed the "Tuned Nissan Skyline Coupe (V36)". It offers just enough modification to the standard car's shape without going overboard, and the result is beautiful. Of course, much like the GTbyCitroen, it was designed entirely by Polyphony Digital, and it was not until last year at SEMA that this car will be brought to the "real world" by Japanese tuning shop Zele Performance.

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SpitFireAce853553d ago

For Gran Turismo best driving sim ever

PS3istheshit3553d ago

o $h!t
if this is gt5 graphics than im about to bust a nut

Lord Anubis3553d ago

what a beautiful relationships between game makers(car fanatics) and car manufacturers.

blind-reaper3552d ago

I like the GTR but this G37 is just classy...

FantasyStar3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

No dashboard shots? *sad*

sinncross3553d ago

IT's not GT5 graphics... it's actual pictures dropped is among some pictures from GT5 prologue.

FOr instance, this is GT5P:

this is a real life photo:

Actually, there only are 2 GT5P photos, funnily enough the company providing this body kit uses 2 GT5P pics on their official site.

rockleex3553d ago

You had to explain the difference between GT5P and real life... proves GT5's achievements. ^_^

DERKADER3553d ago

To bad GT5 wont be out for a while and GT5P hasn't gotten anything new.

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