Flower Review: Gametrailers

It's beautiful, stirring, and it may have some rethinking their definitions of art.

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Zeus Lee3579d ago

And yet you choose to give it AA rather than AAA?

SasanovaS7773579d ago

does it really matter? game is great, 8.5 is fine for a game that isnt that long and is simple. for a game like that, an 8.5 is a 11 out of 10

chaosatom3579d ago

But it looks to be pretty awesome and satisfying.

Myst3579d ago

It is a marvelous game, though it may be influential because I was raised partially on farm land and it may remind me of that; but my analysis of the game is that it is pretty good. The six-axis is used rather well and I was actually stunned, as it really did mirror every movement that I had made. I moved my hand to scratch my nose for a moment and being that I accidentally moved the controller, the.."wind" moved the flower petals upward just as well.

Their are trophies for those who care, the graphics are good for those who care to. The music or rather ambiance that the game gives off matches rather well. Even the startup/loading screen of the game itself is good. All in all the only thing that I feel kind of disappointed at the developers for is the lack of some sort of mp3 files of the tracks they used within' the game :)

jammy_703579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

no they really are...

actually no, fair....

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Myst3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Awesome game. Made a reply at around 11:20 PM EST on Gametrailers about the game bought the game around 11:22. I must say everyone should at least experience the game once it truly is relaxing :).

Have the flower game, the flower theme (Which is nice by the way; the chimes remind me of those gongs or something [name escapes me]) It's all pretty nice.

[Real quick edit]

Try playing it in the dark :)

DrWan3579d ago

In the past they have only done some of the bigger multiplatform dlc games.

Qorious3579d ago

Good score. Don't know why people are complaining about a PSN game getting an 8.5.