Japanese Sales: 360's Star Shines, Wii's Zombie Dead on Arrival

ChartGet has posted the latest Media Create Software results, and 360 finally gets its chance in the spotlight: Star Ocean 4 debuted in first place with over 160k sold.

Sony isn't missing the party with 7 titles in the top ten for the week.

Wii's fall from grace, however, continues unabated with zero games in the top ten and its big title of the week, Dead Rising, falling on its face and lurching into 21st place.

Article includes top 30 and a long-overdue (and awesome) Monster Hunter chart.

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chasegamez23553d ago

it will be out of the top 10 next week

PantherLotus3553d ago

That's a pretty bold statement.

Danja3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

I can see this game doing 40-60k next it will have another week or two in the top 10...thats a pretty good attach rate for the game on the 360...

Demon Souls is having great hold over happy Japanese gamers are supporting this game..

SF4 had a huge drop off..on both consoles...the 360 version is out of the top 30...surprise ,surprise....

PantherLotus3553d ago

That said, I think SFIV did as well as it could have expected to, and it sold well.

Demon Souls is surprising me a little bit honestly.

And regarding SO4, I think it will be #8 next week, around 23k something. Just guesses.

rockleex3553d ago

Time for Playstation. ^_^

Anyways, what's Idolmaster? O_o

jrsenkbe3552d ago

Yakuza 3 dropped this week and will shoot up to the top of sales. It just sucks that it wont be brought to the States ou Europe. Guess I will have to import it.

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mrdxpr23553d ago

what im most surprised about is monster hunter2nd g wow. wow good for 360 it will be out in 2 weeks i give it another week thats it...

PantherLotus3553d ago

Capcom is reporting 3 million shipped. That's quite a bit!

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dale13553d ago

demon souls i,m more interested in,it seems to keep on selling,you know what youre getting with star but this title seems to be gaining a fan base

Argento-Nox3552d ago

Wow, my eyes almost hurt seeing all those Sony titles in the top 10, amazing!

Two 360 titles and 15 Nintendo titles in the top 30 as well, looks like everyone did pretty well this week.

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