A Slice of Life: The Sims 3

GameSpy writes:

"I've discovered the sledgehammer tool, which allows me to "erase" bits and pieces of my house and its furnishings to facilitate a grand redecoration. The little box I purchased on a tiny lot in The Sims 3's suburban utopia is about to experience something akin to terraforming. Tables, chairs, beds, and handsome hardwood flooring are all zapped out of existence (for a full cash refund). Three minutes later, the ground is bare turf. Then a swimming pool pops up, taking up about half the floor space, followed by a few metric tons of sand. My host suggests a lounge chair. I opt for a dead tree, straight out of a Halloween greeting card. It fits in my house because I raised the roof to an absurd degree -- from the outside, it looks like the Green Giant's Swiss chalet. There's still a bedroom that's more or less normal, but I figure I'm done for now. I've essentially built a house fit for a kraken. Surely your average Sim would find something fulfilling about it, right?"

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