Microsoft Sues TomTom For Linux Patent Infringement

Microsoft (MSFT) has gone and done it, they've filed suit in U.S. District Court claiming Linux violates their patents.

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Elven63549d ago

At least this is a break from all the "XXXX joins/starts lawsuit against Microsoft".

GWAVE3549d ago

Maybe Microsoft finally admits that Linux is a opening up a lawsuit. lol.

Blademask3549d ago

is boomed.

2 more days!

nightelfmohawk3549d ago

Microsoft made about 16 billion dollars in 2008. Of that amount, 3 billion dollars came from its Entertainment and Devices Division (EDD). EDD includes 5 Microsoft businesses including MSN, Xbox, Zune, etc. Windows is Microsoft's big money maker. Always has been. So yes, they have a good reason to worry. XD

AuToFiRE3549d ago

Microsoft, leave Linux out of this, its not Nix' fault that you stole all their ideas

Elven63549d ago

Apple stole much more from Linux then Microsoft, infact Apple even refuses to acknowledge the linux portions are ripped.

Bad_Karma3549d ago

TomTom should give a few of their satnavs to some Microsoft execs , that way they might find a clear route to getting their heads out of their asses.

Death3549d ago

With other GPS makers licensing the same technology, their case will be slim at best. I'm not sure how this is becoming a Microsoft vs. Linux thing when TomTom is the one that is allegedly violating patent rights.


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The story is too old to be commented.