Pasta Padre MLB 2K9/MLB 09: The Show comparison video

Pasta Padre has posted a video comparing MLB 2K9 and MLB 09: The Show gameplay.

Excerpt: "Actually an unintended result of the video is displaying one of the problems with 2K9, that being the CPU swinging at most every strike. Even though I was just messing around you can see the counts getting deeper with the examples from The Show vs the ones from 2K9. It is a pretty stark difference when going back and forth between the games."

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Lou-Cipher3552d ago

Just played the 2K Sports MLB demo on Xbox live, and the game is still absolute garbage compared to MLB The Show.

Its amazing how Sony's MLB game is so far ahead of 2K Sports MLB game, but Sony's NBA game is absolutely awful when compared to 2K Sports NBA game.

JonahFalcon3552d ago

Blame Ben Brinkman. Visual Concepts has to fix MLB 2K to the level they brought NBA 2K to.

Lucas253551d ago

mlb 09 is the better baseball game.

Supernatural243551d ago

The Show is in a league of its own and will always be there