Nidzumi: Killzone 2 Review: Intensely Stunning

Nidzumi writes: "The original Killzone suffered from too much hype. Any game that gets dubbed as a 'Halo-Killer' already has way to much weight on it's back and the fact that the game was released with frame rate issues and glitches every other step didn't help much either. Killzone 2 was meant to be a fresh start for the series on a new platform but again was put under the scope after an over-impressive trailer that was boasted as being real-time even though it clearly wasn't. After a quick delay that served as padding between Sony's core titles over Christmas, Killzone 2 is finally seeing the light of day. But how close will it compare to the original trailer we saw nearly four years ago."

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360degrees3579d ago

all the way from the extremely low 7's to 10 out of 10's I simply dont know what to think of KZ2. I honestly prefer a more consistent average rating before deciding to spend my hard earned money on a video game, and KZ2 is the epitome of inconsistent as it currently stands

LastDance3579d ago

Maybe you should spend your hard earned cash on a ps3 before contemplating KZ2

3579d ago
Obama3579d ago

I guess 360degrees won't be buying halo wars, star ocean 4, race pro, and possibly Lost planet 2 in the future since their ratings don't/will not match killzone2.

thewhoopimen3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Hey man. No worries I hear where you're coming from. Why not check out Uncharted? It's got a consistent rating and it definitely kicks any 360 game out there. Look at this helpful comparison :)


And you know what? Not only does it look better but it still manages to dish out more enemies per serving then Geow2!

XxZxX3578d ago

you XBOX 360 fanboys can bash PS3 all you want this weekend. Go ahead,
I wouldnt be around, in fact, most of us wouldn't be around. Go ahead, Celebrate your victory bashing Killzone 2 or PS3, go ahead write all your PS3 is doomed article. In fact, we wont report or say lame at all.


thehitman3578d ago

Maybe you should tell your bias friends to get their heads out of their asses and we could get more consistent reviews. Also since your one of those gotta have 9+ review to even play game guy just base your judgement off the metacritic score which is at a happily 9.2.

jammy_703578d ago

wow uncharted looks so so f58king good!!!
so much better than gears 2 its unbelivable....
any1 who disagrees is blind....

SL1M DADDY3578d ago

Only had to show up to become my personal Halo Killer. I have never been a fan of the Halo series although I have played them all. Heck, the game I look to this one for as a killer is COD4. It will take a ton to pull me away from that game and from the sounds of it, Killzone 2 might have what it takes and then some.

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LukaX233579d ago

Wow, then when Killzone 2 receiving a 7/10 goes up - people approve it within a matter of seconds. Fanboys these days, oh dear...

FantasyStar3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

preachin to ze choir. I prefer reviews that aren't 9s. I fell for the GTAIV hype based on "perfect" reviews and will never do that again. I find more information in looking for average reviews, rather than "good" reviews.

callahan093579d ago

I try to avoid approving reviews because I think the opinions of people paid to play videogames are largely unimportant and antithetical to the spirit of gaming and what real gamers actually want. I will only occasionally approve reviews if it's "newsworthy" because it's from a big publication like IGN or GameSpot, you know, big publications that a lot of people rely on or seem to care about. But even in those cases, I usually won't because, for me, reviews are pretty irrelevant and I almost never agree with them (haha). Also, I usually don't see it in time to approve it (those publications always get approved ultra-quick). So that's why I'm not approving this, even though it is a fairly nicely written critique with some good points.

LukaX233579d ago

This isn't IGN or Gamespot. It's a valuable review from a good website.

chasegamez23579d ago

the game is awesome
dont believe me
sent an friend invite
chase167 check out my trophies

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