Console Monster: Street Fighter IV 360 Review

In conclusion Street Fighter IV has been certainly worth the wait. It ticks mostly all the boxes for a fighter, whether you are coming into this franchise with fresh fists or an old veteran from the previous series. Its gameplay is straight out of the great days of old, add the inclusion of challenges and online multiplayer into the mix and you have yourself a thoroughly enjoyable title with a sustained life cycle that will permanently fuse game's disc into your consoles discdrive.

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callahan093553d ago

Can't be bothered to actually read both this and the PS3 version review, so if anyone did read both, could you summarize (if they even said so) why they gave the PS3 version 1% better?

Sonyslave33553d ago

because they are ps3fanboys

Wriggy3553d ago

It's funny you say that. Everyone on the Console Monster team (there's about 11 of us) owns an Xbox 360 with only 3 of us owning a PlayStation 3.