Warhawk Game Launching Event, New Street Fighter IV Virtual Items Announced

Looks like all you Warhawk fans are getting what you wanted. Sony is hosting a game launching event for Warhawk tomorrow. Not only that, they're having cool new Street Fighter 4 items available for purchase.

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Myst3553d ago

Awesome, I haven't really played Warhawk online as of yet, but have gone through one tutorial. Tomorrow after my classes I may just give this a quick run through :). Also want to get one of those street fighter outfits looks pretty cool! This home application I would say is shaping up quite nicely. ^-^


its an awesomely underated game, its an absolute blast, just got to get used to it, me and my brother still play this game and have a blast together, so definently play this game with a friend if you can, its just that much more fun, and this article is awesome news, finally the warhawk room is comming out!!!!

Myst3553d ago

That's what I keep hearing from everyone, that it's pretty much a fun game still being played. The controls seemed pretty easy enough, and the gist of the game made it really appealing. I just have to make time for it and play it online; being that a special is going on tomorrow I figured I'd try it then. Though I feel like I might snipped from halfway across the stage like in Metal Gear Online. :)

SmokingMonkey3553d ago

Home just keeps getting better

on a side note anyone else check out the killzone2 box?
it says custom soundtracks and in game invites!
(looked at one today @ work, but i can only pick it up tomorrow night at midnight, four years to one more day!!!! watch the apocalypse start tomorrow around 3 o'clock