New Xbox360 Controller On The Way?

At yesterday's Gamefest event in Seattle, Microsoft's product unit manager, Robert S. Walker suggested that they might be creating an advanced version of the Xbox360 controller. The plan is to make the controller a second choice for gamers, instead of replacing the original one.

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Bladestar3552d ago

improve Ddad... and it will be perfect.

Kushan3552d ago

I genuinely think, dpad aside, it's one of the best controllers ever made. Fighting games are about the only area I can think of that it really lets itself down. If they make an awesome dpad, I'll be happy, but I'll be interested in seeing what else they could bring to the table.

paul-p19883552d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

you'd think they would fix that terrible d-pad, but evidently MS have missed the centre of the problem as normal. Anyone who tries to play Street Fighter on a 360 will no doubt want to kill everyone involved in its creation on the 360, and there mates (i know i wanted to, its terrible, i pulled off 1 hadouken in 45mins of play, yet can do them flawlessly on every other console that had street fighter on it lol)

Kushan3552d ago

I can pull off the basic moves in SF quite easily, it's the combos that mess me up. Then again, I use the analogue stick - the dpad is just that bad.
Have you tried SSF2THDR? I found that the moves were much easier to pull off in that, it seems they made an effort to account for the analogue stick in that game.

DelbertGrady3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Compared to the original Xbox controller the 360 controller is a huge improvement.

"you'd think they would fix that terrible d-pad, but evidently M$ have missed the centre of the problem as normal."

Sony has had 12 years to move the misplaced analogue stick of the Dualshock, and to make the thumbpads point inwards instead of outwards (which only gives you less grip).

So what did they do to improve it this gen? They removed rumble, f'ed up the L2/R2 triggers and added half-assed motion sensing that no one likes.

I'd rather pay for an extra Street Fighter controller that's designed for 2D fighting games instead of having to pay for an identical Dualshock controller to get rumble and nothing else.

Good job!

AAACE53552d ago

Sony basically came right out with a design that looked just like a 360 controller and said it would be their idea of the perfect controller... Prehaps minus the 360 d-pad.

It's far fetched, but I would still like to see the 360 and PS plkatforms merge! It would be like the best of both worlds!


While the 360 dpad is terrible, so is the DS3''s just slightly better. I bought SF4 last night at Eb games for the PS3 (all 360 copies were sold out) and I would have bought a joystick if they had one in yet. It's playable on the PS3 but it is still frustrating. All that aside, the 360 controller is the best controller for a console that I have ever put my hands on. The DS3 on the other hand, well, lets just say I am in the process of putting the guts of a DS3 in a 360 controller shell (for KZ2)..I wont buy any shooter for the PS3 until i'm done or they revamp their out-dated design.

ThanatosDMC3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

You're kidding me, right? DS3 feels a lot better than DS2, especially the L2 and R2 shoulder buttons. If you try to transition back to a DS2 after playing with the sixaxis or DS3 then you'll see the noticeable difference in how much of a pain (physical) pressing those shoulder buttons in multiple succession in a minute or two such as in Warhawk.

The 360 better get their controllers right, remember the old ginormous 360 controller that's as big as an average adult's head??? Yeah, that one... then they went to a smaller controller trying to "copy" the format of a Playstation controller, however due to patents and legal issues they couldnt quite get it right.

But i digress, everything is a matter of opinion. For every person that thinks that one controller is like a gigantic leech for a condom, another person thinks that same controller is as sexy as not using a condom. Perfect fit.

(see what i did there? I just ranted to write something stupid...)

NickIni3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

"Sony has had 12 years to move the misplaced analogue stick of the Dualshock, and to make the thumbpads point inwards instead of outwards (which only gives you less grip)."

True. But to say grip is a problem on the DS3 sticks is ludicrous. The material and texture of them makes is pretty hard for thumbs to slip.

Both controllers have their problems. The sticks on the DS3 are in nasty positions, the overall controller is a bit small, and the R2/L2 buttons are annoying.

The 360 controller, when wireless, has an incredibly annoying battery block at the back, the D-pad is dire and the overall quality is a bit low. (After a year and a half of careful use, the sticks on both of my controllers can pop up and down in their socket, I'm not talking about R3/L3 XD, and the buttons sometimes get stuck). The triggers are amazing, and done incredibly well, but R1/L1 are fiddly to use.

Brand new case (360 shape, but lighter and less bulky, with wider scope for sticks, like on DS3)
DS3 sticks in 360 positions
360 triggers
DS3 R1/L1
DS3 D-Pad
DS3 buttons

= win for me :)

gaffyh3551d ago

Bad things about current 360 controller imo:

1 - D-Pad sucks completely
2 - Clicky RB/LB buttons
3 - Battery pack gets in the way sometimes, and doesn't look too good
4 - Analog sticks are not sensitive enough for some games.

Bad things about DS3:

1 - R2/L2 are a bit slippy, but I guess this was so the controller looked good.
2 - Battery life is considerable less than 360, on the plus side it is freely rechargeable and doesn't have a battery pack coming in the way

Overall I prefer the DS3, but the 360 controller is better form fitting for your hands. DS3's analog sticks don't bother me at all, they are actually in a pretty good place for some games e.g. platformers.

Anon19743551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Really, how long has the 360 got left before it's replacement is due out. 2 years? Is it worth the time and development to redesign the controller at this point?

Personally, aside from the d-pad issues I like the 360 controls. One thing I did find though is if you don't play your 360 for awhile the charge and play kits no longer hold a charge! That sucks. I hadn't played my 360 for almost a year between Halo 3 and Fable 2 and when I went to play Fable not a single one of my controllers would hold a charge anymore when they were all fine the last time I played. I had to go buy replacement rechargeable battery packs for all my controllers. What gives there?

kparks3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

The d-pads are patented.. so MS cant do much sony and nintendo have the better d-pads! HANDS DOWN

FFXI1013551d ago

360 controller is perfect for shooter, other than that I don't see how it can be the best controller. PS3's is easier to use for RPG, action, fighting, racing, and I have no problem to use it for shooter.

UnwanteDreamz3551d ago

You are always the first to call out the fan people for trolling and here we have a 360 article and you go on about Sony. What a joke you are......


I agree with most of what you are stating as Pros and Cons but can someone tell me what the heck you're talking about when you say the 360 battery pack is getting in the way? GETTING IN THE WAY OF WHAT?? surely it's not getting in the way of the fingers that curl underneath..I can palm a basketball and in now do they come in contact with my fingers. And if thats the case, then how could you even use a DS3? it' half the size!!

darthv723551d ago

I think nintendo is the only company who hasnt had a redesign of their out of the box controls. Sega did it with the genesis from a 3 button to 6 button and later made the 6 button std. They did it with the saturn as well going from the larger design to the smaller "S" type as std. Sony did it with the original ps1 and later made the dual shock std. MS started off with the big bulky xbox original until they scaled it down to their "S" type as well.

recently the ds3 is now the std for ps3 where as it was the original sixaxis. MS redoing the 360 one only seems on par with controller changes from generations past. I welcome a revised d-pad with better accuracy. I like the sticks the way they are but maybe they need to go back to analog buttons with pressure sensing.

If they really want to keep up with the jones's...let them add in some type of motion control.

Sarcasm3551d ago

not the controller argument again.

UltimaEnder3551d ago

This story is from August of 2006, wtf.....stupid website stupid people that approved this!

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peeps3552d ago

yeh it is a really good pad. i've always been a big fan of the playstation controllers but ms came a long way from arguably the terrible original xbox controller - remember how big they were when it was first released!

Kushan3552d ago

Oh that controller was HORRIBLE. It was massive! I've got woman hands, so it was far too big for me. Even the S-pad was a bit daft.

I think the PS pad is pretty good as well, though. I mean it's been around for 15 years now (albeit without the analogue sticks), obviously they got something right. If I could change one thing about that pad, it'd be the "triggers" the SIXAXIS and DS3 use. Make them more...trigger-like. Other than that, it's pretty good, only major hassle for me is getting used to the different placement of the analogue sticks.

thereapersson3552d ago

It's really not as bad as everyone tries to make it seem. Both controllers have their positives and negatives that make each a unique peripheral. Personally, I don't like the face buttons, bumpers, and d-pad on the 360 controller, but the triggers and analog sticks work great for most games. I like the D-Pad, face buttons, R1/L1 buttons and the analog dead zone on the PS3 pad; however, even for as long as I've been gaming on the thing, the placement of the sticks sometimes cause my thumbs to require re-adjusting during long gaming sessions.

I think that MS and Sony both got it right -- and they both got it wrong. It's really all personal preference in the end, as you can't tell someone who prefers another pad that (X) is better than (Y) just because you prefer it. I'm not saying that's what you were saying, but rather that's a general point for everyone.

kwicksandz3552d ago

You must be softening on n4g =)

Nice to see a comment that isnt just pure hatred.

IcarusOne3551d ago

For me, it's the closest a controller has come to perfection. The offset sticks, the triggers instead of buttons, even the shoulders and their satisfying click.

Definitely change the dpad but leave the rest as is. I like the sound of tweaking the right stick sensitivity, but it already controls pretty well. I think the DS sticks are too loose which is why it infuriates me with FPS. I like the tension and deadzone of the s-type and hope they leave the things that work alone.

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thor3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Hopefully they will improve the d-pad.

However I am slightly worried that they will do the wrong thing when trying to fix it. The d-pad style that the PS3 has is perfect - but when MS released some limited edition controllers, they changed the d-pad so that it could register EVEN MORE different directions. That's NOT what you want. A d-pad is for DIGITAL input - in a game you often have different commands mapped to different directions as though they were buttons. Having a more analogue d-pad is the complete opposite of what you want.

I have completely avoided buying 3rd party controllers ever since I got one for my PS1 with that style of d-pad. It's just horrible. Of course, with the 360, you're forced to use it.

peeps3552d ago

you can by 'triggers' for the ps3 controllers. they cost about £3 (i'm from uk :p) and simply clip on/off the l2 and r2 buttons. they're alot better but the 360's triggers are obv better because the shape of the controller means your fingers naturally rest of the triggers. I still alays use l1+r1 for shooters on ps3.

Kushan3552d ago

Yeah and you can sand down the Dpad on the 360 to make it a bit better. It's a wonder Ms doesn't do that themselves.


well, i like the 360 pad enough that i got the cross fire adaptor and now use my wired 360 pad with my ps3.

generally i agree, the 360 d-pad is rubbish and it does suck for fighting games, but for most other type's of game its great.

shooters and racers i find the best. i have rather big hands and have always found the layout of the thumb sticks on the ps3 pads really hard to use. thats just me personally, i think that how one finds the controllers for a preferred system is totally down to personal preference.

thor3552d ago

Yeah I've never had an issue with the triggers on PS3. The only thing that I've had is that they often break; but now I realise that that's from me dropping them on the floor all too often so the L2 and R2 buttons go weird lol. I use R1 for shooting because that's what I've always used. There's no need for it to be an analogue control. R2 for driving games is fine as well. I'm surprised there's even much of a market for those trigger extenders.