Identifying Yourself As A Lesbian Gets You Banned On XBOX Live

Xbox Live users harassed a girl when she identified herself as lesbian. Microsoft then banned her from the service saying other gamers found her sexual orientation "offensive."

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ThatCanadianGuy3555d ago

Is my computer screwed up or something??

How is this 1000 degrees after it JUST got approved?

TheTwelve3555d ago

When it comes to the degrees on news items, there is a certain aspect of it that is not based on logic, but conjecture...and that's annoying. I guess somebody above thought that this topic was worth 1,000 degrees, which is silly.


Omega43555d ago

This site's users obviously care a lot about this subject, a hell of a lot

Kushan3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

It's because lesbians are hot.

twoface3555d ago

I guess lesbians get us hot easily

EvilCackle3555d ago

It replaced some other article that either used the wrong source or just offended people for using the "Epic Boobs" picture.

MrJack3555d ago

All lesbians please feel free to come to PSN, we will accept you with open arms, as long as you are hot and have a video camera ;)

ReBurn3555d ago

Kushan is my personal hero of the day.

CrazzyMan3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

I liked the picture from other article - MORE. =))

Anyway, identifying of being a gay or a lesbian is NOT the place in GAMING. =)
People should enjoy GAMING, if they want some atention or gay/lesbian friends, they are FREE to look it on the interenet, there are a lot of PLACES for that. WHY involve GAMING?

Thank you.

3555d ago
hay3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

@SonyWarrior: I guess too much porn influence where most lesbians are hot. But honestly I know few bi/lesbian chicks who are actually pretty attractive and I love how they tease guys with their behavior :>.

@CrazzyMan: I'm not a big fan of busty chicks but epic boobs made me wow.

But going back on topic, I think sexual orientation along with other cultural/religious differences should be taken out of gaming. We should be gamers, not homosexuals, not Muslims, not Christians, neither black nor white. Just play not discriminate.

Kushan3555d ago

@SonyWarrior - going by that logic, we should ban ALL dudes from XBL. Well done.

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TheTwelve3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

The homosexual community needs to pick another place to complain, because there really isn't much room here.


LightofDarkness3555d ago

Aye, clearly someone wants everyone to make a big deal over this or express outrage in some form. Sad fact of the matter is that NOBODY CARES. Sounds like a rather legitimate Terms of Use policy to me. Especially since it's been proven they ban ANY mention of sexual orientation. What about the army's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy?

bym051d3555d ago

I'm all for gay rights and there's nothing wrong with being gay.

Is XBOX Live really an appropriate outlet to discuss / proclaim your sexuality? Aren't we here to play games?

Let's get back to using Live for what it was designed: complaining about how Mom is making you stop before you've finished your mission. ;)

Baka-akaB3555d ago

It sucks , might be disgusting even ..

But still , what business do you have disclaiming your sexual preference on a game service ???

Who frickin' cares if you're hetero , gay , lesbian on a game ? Why would anyone be advertising that ?
If its to meet like minded folks , there are bazillion of chat services ...

Darrius Cole3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

A gay person who does something like posting their sexual orientation on Xbox live is not trying to meet like-minded persons. They simply like video games; and while they are at it, they want to make UNlike-minded people comfortable with the idea of being around gay people.

They want to de-sensitize you, so-to-speak.

Think about it, their are barely any women at all on Xbox Live, there have to be much better places to find lesbians?

I think this girl forgot to realize that adolescent boys and very young men have little patience for women who won't give them action whether they are gay or not. Giving them no action (not flirting with them) and then telling them you're gay simply saves them the trouble of having to think of what insult he'll use.

She was expecting mature behavior from immature people. That is very difficult to find. But since she was on Xbox live, it is likely that she was just as young as they were.

Mindboggle3555d ago

Xbox live users are bunch of morons. How can someone be offended by knowing someone is gay. And then microsoft banning her for causing offense. The only people causing offense are the pathetic users bullying her, who should be banned themselves and then Microsoft for joining in, causing more offense. You dont pay £40 a year to be harrased.

cereal_killa3555d ago

I think I'm going to make a new GT go online and put I'm a lesbian to see what happens.