GameZone Interview: MLB 2K9's Erick Boenisch and Jonathan Rivera Bring Back the "Wow" Factor

GameZone writes: "Once people start playing our game, and you can tell by our pitching camera, a lot of people are already commenting on how it looks like the camera they show on ESPN. That's something that's already making people say 'wow.'"

"As most of you know, Visual Concepts took over the development of 2K Sports' Major League Baseball 2K this year," begins Erick Boenisch, Lead Features Designer. 'This is the same studio that has in previous years developed the NBA 2K franchise, as well as the NFL 2K franchise. We have a lot of dedicated engineers, producers, artists and are very excited about bringing this IP to the studio.'"

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JimmyJames703583d ago

Please let there be a good baseball game for the 360 this year!


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this fkn games sucks balls..go buy the show