Pissed Off Fanboys: Do Game Devs Listen to them?

gameplayer writes:
"You love your games, you visit forums, and you express opinions about what might make your favourite games even better. It's a process that was denied to most gamers less than a decade ago. But now publishers and developers are getting in on the scene, creating official community boards for their most vocal consumers and encouraging them to make a difference in how future games are made, and in some cases played."

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BLUR1113555d ago

Ask Capcom and Square.


no_more_trolling3555d ago

nope. cuz they are not the majority. they are irrational anyways. just like 90% of n4g

Serjikal_Strike3555d ago

sometimes...if theyre planning a sequel..they need to hear from the players to see what they didnt they can improve from there...

no_more_trolling3555d ago

yeah they listen to the players. not the fanboys.

players and fanboys are two different things. one plays games for fun, the other is obsessed