So What If Mass Effect 2 Is Emotional?

MonsterVine writes:

"So what do we already know? Well, it has the unimaginative title of Mass Effect 2; a QA man at Bioware indicates that Mass Effect saves will have a purpose; and the game might reach the PS3. Finally we have the proclamation from Bioware's CEO, Ray Muzyka that Mass Effect 2 will:

"have consequences that are emotionally compelled; choices have to have consequences that are emotionally impactful [...] it's part of the emotional investment."

Good one Ray, tell us another."

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SasanovaS7773576d ago

what, since heavy rain is coming out, emotions are the new thing?

no_more_trolling3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

lol. i was one of those who disagreed with ur stupid comment

u realize.....the first comment will always be the best comment or the stupidest comment. never in between. i bet no one will top ur comment in this thread


and you have said some things that are really weird man. Like, EXTREME.

mintaro3576d ago

This is probably my most anticipated game, cannot wait. Hopefully shepard isn't dead.

no_more_trolling3576d ago

ima have to check my xbox 360 saves to see if i still have my mass effect saves. if not ill have to play it again. which will be fun also.

marioporter3576d ago

Yeah. Lot's do make that promise. Some deliver. I happen to think that Lost Odyssey delivered in spades on that. I, for one, cannot wait to get my hands on ME2. And, by the way, how serious can you take someone with typos in their article? "Sceptical"... really??

Snoozer2823576d ago

Quite seriously when the dictionary defines it as:

scep·ti·cal (skpt-kl)
Variant of skeptical.