IGN: What If Sony Never Got in the Game?

There is no diminishing the impact of Sony's entry into the videogame market in 1995 with the launch of the original PlayStation.

Now, imagine what the industry would look like without any of that. No PlayStation disrupting the market in 1995. Sony instead sits it out and concerned itself more on its audio and video technology, like televisions and portable music players. How would videogames look and play without Sony's pivotal entry in the market?

This is not just a speculation piece for amusement. Retrogamers that bemoan the so-called intrusion of Sony into videogames need to understand just what exactly Sony's entry has meant to not only the industry, but also to the very games you're playing right now.

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Zeus Lee3577d ago

Then videogaming would have died a long time ago.

MasFlowKiller3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Then kotaku would have nothing to rant about, nether would gametrailers or edge

OOG3577d ago

died.... no....

be behind in technology... good chance...

darthv723577d ago

not really. they would have ended up taking their proposed snes cd specs over to sega and spiced up that unit to be better than it was. Or they would have continued to make great games under the sony imagesoft label. I would liked to have seen a sequel to mickey mania.

I think the biggest part would have been sega would still be in the console business. This time be more along the lines of the neogeo in that their home hardware mirrored the arcade hardware (dc and naomi are close but not exact) sega would have ushered in a new age of arcade console cross play. Imagine playing VF at home against another person in an arcade.

Sony entering in the console wars was a good thing. Even MS entering in the console wars is a good thing as I personally prefer competition on a scale that rivals the old days of sega and nintendo. Nintendo is doing their own thing and no one should discredit them for that. I like the bitter rivalry between sony and ms because it reminds me of the days of genesis does what nintendo(n't) and snes is what genesis(n't).

If sony had not gotten into the game we might have actually had the 3do M2 or a newer 128bit jaguar. So for now we will never know......

jaffa_cake3577d ago

We'd still be playing games on a cartridge. An using passwords instead of saved data. Oh and DLC what DLC :)

Endorphin3577d ago

Great little question, makes you realize how much video games have been part of our lives. Its actually strange, I probably wouldn't even be typing this post because I probably wouldn't have fallen in love with video games and would of pay attention to some more important things...oh wait there would still be Starcraft in the world NM I would probably be on Starcraft 2's web site checking for updates.

gambare3577d ago


nintendo was strong that time but messed up the things a bit because they insist in use a cartridge format with the N64, and was sony who bring the CD to the gaming world (CD-i doesn't count) and after that the DVD with the "hard to develope" PS2, and after that Sony brings the new HD high capacity format multilayered BD.

if it weren't for sony we could be confined to last gen formats like the dvd... oh wait.... not everyone knows that dvd is last gen

na2ru13577d ago

It be one f*cked up gaming world. Nintendo didn't know how to push foward with the technolgy they implemented in their consoles since after snes. Or simply, they didn't take gaming as serious as EVERY other company. They just wanted to lean back and make some money.

The Gameboy fat was ridiculously stale. Gameboy pocket was already outdated and useless. The GB Color was way behind with it's somewhat 1bit colour palette and no backlite with special moisaic effects, which redeemed it as pointless. the Sega GAMEGEAR was WAY ahead of the GBs mentioned so far thanks to its vibrant lit screen and games that were comparable to the recent GBA games. Regardless of battery, it was a solid piece of hardware and something I waited for and expecting since it died. But nothing emerged for years thanks to Nintendo's incompetence. The 32 bit GBA had no backlite and outdated by the likes of mobile phones that DID have backlite funny enough AND HIGHER COLOUR(64,000).

FINALLY, GBA SP arrived and to my excitement, fulfilled my desire.
A little several years late however and STILL 2D games that were far more inferior to the games I played in Sega's 16 bit machine. The GBA SP lost it's f*cking headphone jack looooool and to my delight, I felt like going in a murder rampage in Ninty HQ thanks to their persistant retardedness. The old one had it, so WTF!?

From then on, I gave up on hope with GAMEBOYS. Only ever owned GBA SP. The DS fat was ugly and PSP was what made me happy. I despise DS Lite but nintendo finally made it.

As for their consoles since N64.....

Big Frank3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

What if Sony never got in the game?

Well, Sega would probably still be manufacturing consoles.

@Zues. Gaming would have died? ROFL!!!! Yeah right. ROFL!!!!

A lot of you guys are coming out with outrageous statements here as if Sony is the be all and end all of gaming. You are delusional. Did you guys ever think what gaming would be like now without MS? Sure Sony brought us Blue Ray(woop de doo!), but MS had brought us LIVE and set the benchmark and standard of a console online service. For me and most others this gen is defined more by the consoles online capabilities than anything else. Not the storge format or the amount of processors and blah blah blah, but the online service. Without MS think what PSN would be like now. Yup thats right, it would be woeful because when PSN was launched it was total crap and so far has emulated everything that LIVE has and still hasn't caught up!#

Thank god for the PS1 and 2 in the previous gens, they gave the industry the boost it desperatly needed. But the PS3 is a slacker this gen, imagine how crap PSN would be if it never got to copy LIVE?

This gen is defined by the online services. Thank you MS for setting the standard.

Danja3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

M$ would have never made a gaming console...XD

SEGA would still be making consoles

Nintendo wouldn't have gone all gimmicky...

The Industry wouldn't have expanded and became so Mainstream like it is now.

@ above

tell me when I start seeing original games on Flower , Pixel Junk games , Pain , ..

Tell me when you can start downloading full games...

WipeOut HD

Elimin83577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Waaaaaaay Behind if left up to Nintendo. We would be playing Super Mario Bros for life. hell they still milkin'em.

@ jaffa_cake.. So true....

majorsuave3577d ago

Either the Fujitsu, NEC, Commodore, Sega, Panasonic/Sanyo, Apple/Bandai or Casio would have made it.

They all were in the market with their own Console by 94-95. What made Sony pass and all others (including Atari and Sega that were already in the business) fail is debatable.
Only one thing is clear, besides Nintendo and Casio (!) every other Console makers had settle to CD-Rom by that generation.

Funny thing, should Sony have failed and Apple.Bandai succeeded, Apple and MS might be fighting on 2 fronts now, well 3 if you consider the Zune to be an iPod containder.

In some ways, it might have helped Mac gaming a lot and games might be Pippin/Mac exclusive VS Windows/Xbox exclusives.

One thing that would be pretty much the same is fanboy wars.

Silellak3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

I can't believe 35+ people agree with the absurd statement that video gaming would've died out if Sony hadn't gotten involved.

Wait a sec.

*checks the URL*

Oh, right. Nevermind. Of course 35 people at N4G believe that drivel. "A pro Sony statement? Oh my, I must click 'agree', without giving it any real thought!"

It is an interesting question to ask - how things might've played out had Nintendo not rejected Sony's CD add-on. But to believe gaming would've entirely died out without Sony being around? Please. It just means the Dreamcast probably would've been far more successful and from there, who knows how things play out? Don't get me wrong - Sony has done a LOT of good for the gaming industry. But single-handily saved it? No. Just, no.

Kaneda3577d ago

I probably still play cartridge games on Nintendo..

rockleex3576d ago

Why so serious?

Obviously it was just a joke, and seems like everyone else caught on except for you.

Anyways, videogames wouldn't have "died". They simply wouldn't have been "rejuvinated".

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Cajun Chicken3577d ago

I really don't want to
I really don't want to think about it.

no-spin3577d ago

i think i would not be playing games at my age, nor when i get older.
Mario, Zelda and Sonic???

Silellak3577d ago

Or, the other major franchises we enjoy today simply would've been released for a different system.

Twerp3577d ago

I might've played more sports in high school if there was no Playstation.

II Necroplasm II3577d ago

Then we would be playing dreamcast :)

Fishy Fingers3577d ago

Dreamcast 3 Vs Nes 360.

Nes FTW!!?!?!

Tarmgar3577d ago

Lol, we would actually. Never really thought of that. One of my favorite consoles dying, because another favorite of mine won. Either way I see it, I'd still be playing my favorite console.

TOO PAWNED3577d ago

Great just great article. Only IGN would write something like this. 1UP, Gamespot or any other site would never give this much deserved credit to Sony and what they have done for industry.