EBA: Resident Evil 5 Preview


"I really like RE5, but so far it feels a bit like eating a friggin' amazing meal at a restaurant with bad service; the presentation is great, the shooting is fun and there are some genuinely tense moments. I'm just not totally convinced yet that I can enjoy all of that while overlooking some glaring issues. Only time, and finishing the game, will tell. Check back here for more news leading up to the cross-platform release of Resident Evil 5 on March 13, 2009."

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dgroundwater3550d ago

Same kind of complaints here. Not much is new. Still picking this one up day one.

pixelsword3550d ago

...I tried to like it. I really did; It's a rent at best for me.

I love the series, and I plan on getting the next one if they change a lot of things, but this one has too many foibles for me.

DominusRebellis3550d ago

^^^ How many "foibles" can you detect from a demo? Let me guess "the controls are crap!"

Here's a more useful post question, can the controls be fixed or is it too late?

pixelsword3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

1. I didn't ask a question

2. I can detect as many foibles in a demo as a person who plays a game for 5-15 minutes and say "this game is crap!" because if they're there, they're there... but since you asked:

A. I don't like the irritating and pointless banter between the characters. During the few hours I played, I could only imangine how many times I would hear that I would "need to be more careful!" while she sprays up the supply on a flesh would. Uh, no.

B. I didn't like the fact that you have so little post-up time between the zombies running up to you and then sitting there whistling and winking at you, just for you to squeeze a few shots off and run to another spot instead of being able to bash their heads outright. That combined with the Chainsaw guy was just too irritating. I realize that the game isn't made up of those sub-bosses, but it's not the type of thing I want to waste time on.

C. I hated the fact that Zombies Carried Gold in a poor shanty town. That makes no sense at all. They have a thing Called Currency in almost every African society; that, and most African kingdoms had banking systems for hundreds of years.

D. I loathed the Quick Time Events because between the running every three seconds and shooting like a person with a spastic finger, if the button comes up and you missed your chance, you didn't get another one for that particular zombie. And that happened all too many times for me.

E. I hated the fact that I can't revive my partner if she croaks; I hate it even more that she takes me with her instead of hooking me up with her cute sister.

F. I hated the fact that she uses ammo like it's going out of style

G. I hated the fact that I had to give her most of everything just to keep us both alive or do everything myself just to have her get her pretty butt kicked all over the stage because she shot out he supply.

H. I hated the fact that Zombies carried bullets but had no guns, yet could work the complex mechanism that is called the "chainsaw"; actually, I hated that in RE4 as well. Heck, I hated the fact they brought back the chainsaw guy. Something that specific should have stayed in RE4. It's not like the disease makes people want to carry chainsaws.

I. This the the most appropriate letter to end up on because "I" still think the controls SUCK.

Yeah, you may disagree or think my reasons are trivial, but that still won't make me buy this game.