id's Carmack: "Visually Stunning" Wii Games Possible

Known most notably for designing the DOOM code and his current "id Tech 5" engine behind racing-action game Rage, Carmack's knowledge of building graphic processes is unparalleled within the industry. Would it feel a little odd if someone of his experience began considering the Wii as the next system to push a major visual engine?

"Interestingly, I actually spend far more time playing Wii with my four year-old boy than I do with any other game console. So I'm definitely sympathetic to the platform," Carmack revealed to MTV's Multiplayer. "We've been pitched and talked about a project to do a title that would fit well on the Wii, and it's actually related to an iPhone title that we're doing. But that's still kind of up in the air as to what other developer we would partner with on there. I'd like to do something there, because I love a lot of what Nintendo has done with the Wii and the DS, but it's just out of sync with the developments that are currently going on at id."...

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creatchee3519d ago

Visually stunning could be nice, but the Wii needs more games that aren't just plain bad.

bassturd3519d ago

but what about Imagine: Babysitters....and...



Imagine: Wedding Planner...

kunit22c3519d ago

Why are there all these other fanboys on a Wii artical? Really almost all of you are talking about how you hate the Wii or how you hate its games.. well then why are you here> trolling? having no life? im guessing both :)

bassturd3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

we are fanboys cuz we know the Wii has nothing to offer? Okay... my bro has one, don't think he has turned it on for almost a year probably. The best games came at launch and they weren't even great. Nothing to look forward to in the future...cept perhaps Mad World....which doesn't even look that great. Just a simple beat em up with black and white graphics that make every area look the same. Wii fanboy that can't take criticism...what be your response.

Durffen3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

The PS3 fanboy's are trolling the Wii articles because they have nothing on the PS3 to keep them busy and away from N4G.

I own a PS3, so I know.

Kushan3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

THere's plenty to play on the PS3...

ChickeyCantor3519d ago

" THere's plenty to play on the PS3... "

Same could be said about the Wii, just ask the "right" person ;).

SL1M DADDY3519d ago

You just have to consider what the Wii is good for. It is great for quick party style games. Heck, I love it for the short term experiences and when I have a group of friends over, my wife and I love the Wii. You just have to understand, it is not much for strong, long played titles at the moment but times will change.

ThatCanadianGuy3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )


Wow.What a liar you are..
Quote from your bio-

"occasionally I have friends that bring there PS3's over, and I plan on purchasing one soon."

Seems quite contradicting to your comment no?

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SmokingMonkey3519d ago

so great games but small

I.E. imagine a GTA/sandbox world where you would have to swap disks after every bridge...that would suck.....remember how annoying loading between cities was in the original GTA3? Small games are fun, but they are not "Art"

SinnedNogara3519d ago

Dude, the Xbox 360 doesn't have Blu-ray. Is GTA4 Xbox 360 a very slow game?? No!

SmokingMonkey3519d ago

No tanks

No jets

No a lot of things San Andreas had?

So ask yourself why did they not include those important things?

Because the game was made to fit on a DvD, KillZone2 levels are what 1.2 gigs @ what 10 levels, I noticed today at work that Star Ocean 4 is on 3 disks which is fine for a Rpg but you can't tell me Bluray is not good for gaming, hell it's one of the best things to hit gaming tech since the DvD.

Maxned3519d ago

Idiot. San Andreas wasnt blu-ray either. The developers obviously didnt want to put Jets and Tanks in the game.

SmokingMonkey3519d ago

The graphics, physics, engine and online of GTA4 are much more complex and hence take up more room on a tiny little DvD.

You must have a HD or higher capacity disc for next gen gaming.

SmokingMonkey3519d ago

Tanks have been a stale in the GTAIII, maybe even before? i don't know i never played the originals.

SmokingMonkey3519d ago

i own a wii like the rest of the upper mid class on this planet.

I own great games like (below mentioned Metroid C3) HouseOftheDead, SMG
best part about the Wii?
Virtual console, i only have like 7 windows left on my Wii all the Marios, Sonics, Golden Axes, etc are Awesome not much lately though.

so i'm not hating on the Wii i just like Bluray too

qface643519d ago

your kinda not making sense THEY CAN FIT ALL OF THAT ON A PS2 GAME DISC but they can't on a 360 disc? as much as i don't like gta4 almost everyone knows they took all of that stuff tanks/fighter jets because they were going for a more realistic thing and that made it boring jet packs were the best

also isn't he that one guy that said the wii is 2 gamecubes put together? looks like that guy
but i can't tell the difference between him and the bethesda guy

kwyjibo3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Shut up Smoking, I can't believe you chose this thread to get your penis out and shout "POWER OF THE BLU-RAY". Totally irrelevant.

You really think that GTA IV couldn't have fit a tank onto the DVD? Really? Given the chance in scope and direction of the series, do you really think piloting jet packs and getting an afro were forced due to lack of disk space? Yes, GTA IV lacked afros because of DVD. Idiot.

Take a look at Fuel, the game itself doesn't interest me, but the fact that it procedurally generates thousands of square miles does. But maybe you're right, I don't think that includes tanks either.


Edit - I can't believe I missed this gem from Smoking - "Small games are fun, but they are not "Art"." Yeah, because it's the BIG games such as Gears of War which qualify as art right?

Just like those big blockbusters at the cinema, Spiderman 3 is "Art" yeah? It's so artistic, that Sony decided to use the font on their Blu-Ray machine - genius!

No, the games as art argument can go on forever, and this is not the place. But list some of the most "artiest" games around - Flow, Braid, Passage, Bit Generations and you'll see that your comment is flat out false.

SmokingMonkey3519d ago

imagine a game not "scripted" but a program that puts you into a real world physics engine (think getting "jacked into" the matrix) type of a game can only be achieved through a next gen media like bluray or a hard drive install.

Most people agree that Saint's Row 2 was more GTA than than GTA4 was. I did not enjoy brucie calling me up to go bowl, remeber the miniature helicopter missions? Gone, i can sit here and name a ton of things they had to omit from GTA4 because of the game being multiplatform. I prefer gta when it was more open, and this social crap, that's for home and sims Gta is for something else. Would you have liked tanks in multiplayer? yeah me too. and the developers didn't mind putting a tank in the narrow streets of the first narrow streets of liberty city on GTAIII did they?

i expected more in a next gen game, and i only bring up bluray because when were talking about "visually stunning" videogames....Bluray OR HardDrive just seems to be key for a true next gen experience

DelbertGrady3519d ago

Show me a PS3 exclusive that's bigger than Fallout 3.

Kushan3519d ago

"imagine a game not "scripted" but a program that puts you into a real world physics engine"

Physics engines don't take up a lot of space, genius. Code in general does not, you can fit all of GTAs executable code (that's everything, including external DLLs and such) into a few MBs. Even if you had an ultra-realistic physics engine, that wouldn't change much. What you need for "better physics" is not storage space, it's processing power. I wrote my own physics simulation game (It was just a simple box program, nothing revolutionary) years ago and the executable code was less than 500kb.

I don't know how you got so many bubbles because you're incredibly misinformed about how everything works in games.

ChickeyCantor3519d ago


Wii uses a DVD9 discs =D
And its content is made for 480P...

Tell me HOW will games become "small"
While i have played games last gen who took about 60 hours of gameplay!
And some of them were not even on a DVD9 but a single layer DVD.

And LOL at physic engines taking lots of space.
The lolzors.

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WiiJunkii3519d ago

Oh man, I just finished Fallout 3... and I started MP3 Corruption for a second run through, and god damn is it a beautiful game.

I am prepared to get 50 disagrees and all of my bubbles taken away for this next comment. but...

Exploring Bryyo and Elisia was such a beautiful escape after a few months in the comparably drab Post Apocalyptic landscapes in Fallout.

When your talking about artists that are as good as the guys at Retro Studios, Graphics take a big time back seat to Artistry.

I mean, tech comparisons are a no-brainer, I think the Wii might overheat just by being within five feet of the KZ2 disc...

but... when it all comes down to it. If not for the Wiimote, I would have probably forgotten what console I was playing after about 1/2 hour of Metroid.

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Gambit073519d ago

I'm guessing he'll be showing Rage at E3, hope it delivers.

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