Pocket-Lint: Killzone 2 Review


"As stunningly gorgeous as Killzone 2 truly can be, like its elder sibling, it's lacking that certain something to really nudge it right to the very top of the pack.

We can live with a short single-player campaign, the clichéd storyline and inane chatter from your squad mates, and we can suffer through the odd sudden jarring difficulty jumps that the game frequently tosses in your general direction. But the simple fact is that Killzone 2 simply doesn't have all the pieces to take it right the very top. It comes close, but it's a stumbled step short."

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edwineverready3550d ago

i have bought the game on the 23 and it's the best fps i have ever played. i am already addicted. you need skills to play this game well and that's what i like about it.

table3550d ago

they opened the door to giving the game low scores. not necesarally a bad thing if it is justified. most the time though, as we all know, it wasn't justified.

goflyakite3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

It seems that some people are surprised that your AI can't revive you. It would be the easiest game ever is that was so.

Not that bad of a review, just again there's not enough negative points to justify an 8/10.

3550d ago
nycredude3550d ago

Seems this guys sucks at the game and is complaining. "It lacks that certain something" WHat is that something? I am curious. Seriously gamers and reviewers are getting way too elitist for my tastes. Whta even happened to games being fun. Now a game that is fun, has gorgeous graphics and gameplay, need that "certain something"? OMG this is getting stupid.

Also what is with all the reviewers complaining macho characters that swears too much? I mean these are soldiers who are in the middle of an all out war with people (friends) dying left and right and explosions everywhere. DO you think they are worrying about their language? What kind of man does it take to subject themselves to that kind of life, stay at home dads with no egos?

TOO PAWNED3550d ago

I got game today and i can't give final comment about single player but multiplayer is best multiplayer on console FPS. Yes better than COD 4 and 5.

This should not surprise ppl, in next few days you are going to see a lot of this "8" reviews around the web from anonymous sites.
My only concern is that junk sites like this one end up on metacritic, another site that i can't stand, even if i don't visit it at all, but it's whole purpose seems to be "Hey look at this score, this is legit how good some game is".

TOO PAWNED3550d ago

In all of this there seems to be two good things. GiantBomb will most likely give it 5 stars since Jeff really likes it a lot. It will most likely recieve big score from Gamespot also, after listening to Hotspot podcast it seems Kevin Van Ord has only good things to say about it, especially about online play.