Windows 7 Available in September/October 2009

When it comes down to the deadline for the general availability of Windows 7, Microsoft has been undeterred from its initial claims that the next iteration of the Windows client would ship within three years of Windows Vista's GA. However, this is not exactly the case, revealed a computer-industry executive from Asia. In fact, Microsoft seems keen to beat its three years from Vista GA estimate for the delivery of Windows 7. A report via Bloomberg indicates that the Redmond company is actually planning to wrap up Windows 7 well ahead of the 2009 holiday season, namely in the September – October 2009 time frame.

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BGDad3518d ago

This should have been the next service pack to vista...

DA_SHREDDER3518d ago

anything is better then vista.. BTW,, you can download the beta and find out for yourself. To my understanding, its gonna have less problems then vista, and their is gonna be alot of things that it does for you like finding updates for your games sorta like how xbox live and psn has firmware updats, and sets them up automatically. Stuff like that. The only problem I have with this is that I bet that they are gonna sell it for $300 bucks or more.

DJ3518d ago

Shouldn’t they be waiting a bit longer until vendors make their hardware compatible. The biggest complaint about the Vista launch was incompatibility with existing hardware. But hey, if they’re ready, they’re ready.

likeaboss3023518d ago

Should be pretty easy this time. The Vista drivers seem to work fine with Windows 7. For those that don't only a little minor tweaking is needed. The big push needs to be for everyone to finally get on the 64bit bandwagon.