The state of storytelling in games

Akela Talamasca from Big Download writes:

"Brace yourselves: we're about to delve into the idea that games are art once again. I know that many of you are sick of discussing it, but I urge you rather to embrace it! This will be relatively painless. The specifics I'm after in this article revolve around the concept of storytelling in our favorite medium.

It's been said that one of the first video games to feature an actual story was Donkey Kong. Plumber meets girl, plumber loses girl to giant ape, plumber goes on quest to get girl back. Rudimentary to be sure, but also a classic. What's more interesting about this game is that Shigeru Miyamoto realized there was an opportunity to step away from the typical reflex-test that games had been up to that point, and offer something more. 27 years later, what has the medium become?"

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