Yakuza 3 producer talks western games VS Japanese games

Yakuza series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi presents his serious thoughts on the differences between west and east. He believes they both got things that cannot be imitated.

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George Sears3583d ago

The producer talks about having confidence because of the Yakuza series and I wonder, why haven't they announced any release date for this game on the western front? (Yakuza 3)

Do this Sega, do this now!

After playing the demo, I was first and foremost amazed by the sheer content it had. Sure, it was somewhat big in size (about 1.2gb) but it had a bunch of things that you were able to do. At first, I didn't like the combat system (mainly because I didn't understand it/it was in japanese) but once I started learning little by little by getting owned by that sword wielding dude, I started to like it a lot.

The mini games, like the singing Kareoke, dating, buying new attires etc really add a lot of replay value and more depth into that open world.

GiantEnemyCrab3583d ago

Played the demo last night and was surprised that a majority of the dialog is just text. The cutscenes have dialog but any interaction with other characters is just text. Maybe that's the way they like it in Japan? From a western perspective it seems out dated.

Skyreno3583d ago

Alright IM MAD why... the guy talking to producer should ask question when will game be relased U.S !!! that is all just want to know want game badly ahhhh