'Resistance Retribution' Sixaxis Support Not In Multiplayer

With a copy of "Resistance 2," PSP owners can enable a unique feature for "Resistance Retribution" turning on Sixaxis support for the PSP shooter.

At a multiplayer event for "Retribution" in San Francisco this week, Sony confirmed the feature is not compatible with the game's multiplayer modes.

"Games would be too unbalanced with some people using the controller and some using PSP," explained a Sony spokesperson to MTV Multiplayer.

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castdreams3555d ago

This news makes my heart sad :(

mastiffchild3555d ago

Well, yes, but not every PSP owner will; own a PS3 so I can see where they're coming from saying it would "unbalance" the games.

Allowen3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

No unbalance should happen on the multiplayer mode , just see this exemple of the Mario Kart Wii that if you use a normal gamepad you only race against others using it as well and if you using the wheel you race only against others using it.

What would be trobble to separete players that are playing using the PSP's control or a dualshock3 besides requiring another server to separate the two different game modes ?