OXM: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Review

OXM writes:
"And basically, without a friend, you've got no one to talk smack with about the deep questions this game poses: why the enemies all sorta look the same, why 50's taunts are so-actually-not-taunts, how unintentionally funny the underlying "bros before hos" mentality of the "love interest" plot is, or just the overall cynicism of Blood on the Sand's ridiculous premise. You'll also have no one to remind you to leave your brain at the door and enjoy this game as it was meant to be taken - as a fairly well-built, over-the-top testosterone fantasy without all the fancy polish or (dare we say it?) smarts of, say, Gears of War, but still an incredibly satisfying shot in the arm for co-op addicts like us."

* Fast-paced, over-the-top dumb fun built for online co-op.
* Plenty of 50 Cent love for fans: videos, songs, and, well, him.

* Lacks overall polish; isn't very balanced or fun in single-player.

* Does "I didn't sign up for this sh*t" qualify as a taunt? (No.)

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