Sonys Walkam X-Serie with Oled priced and dated

Sonys NWZ-X1000 Walkman serie with an 3 inch OLED Touch (432x240 Pixel) screen gets now priced in the UK. has priced the 16GB version at 310 Dollar, with the 32GB model clocking in at 410 Dollar. The NWZ-X1000 serie is available in two to five weeks in the UK.

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jams_shop3550d ago

this kind of tech is what I expect to see in the PSP2

-EvoAnubis-3550d ago

Wow, I hope so. That would be amazing.

FreestyleBarnacle3549d ago

I'm thinking this may be their way of getting the tech up to spec and cheap enough to produce for the PSP2. Right now all this one does is play music and it's outside the recognised price range for a handheld gaming machine.

gaffyh3549d ago

yeah me too, that's why I don't see it coming for a while. I don't think Sony would want to risk having a high price point for PSP2

Jrome3550d ago

digital noise cancelling as well...very nice

DJ3550d ago

I hope PSP2 has OLED.

PattyWacker3550d ago

looks very nice but its gonna get stomped by the infamous I-POD.
I mean OLED sounds cool, and im sure this mp3 player is sweet. But my 16g Ipod Nano works just fine. I dont need an OLED screen and touch screen to listen to my sublime, zeppelin, doors anddd pink floyd. The music is enough. Plus I break nice sh*t like that haha. Im surprised my 360 (2nd one) and PS3 are still rolling.

RememberThe3573549d ago

You could say the same for the i-pod touch. If I had the money I'd probably pick one up. It looks sweet.

Arkham3549d ago

SQ on these are a lot better than the iAnythings, though. Check out the audiophile forums and reviews. I want to go with one of the newer Sony PMPs or even a good Cowon D2 if I can dig one up locally.

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The story is too old to be commented.