Killzone 2 Live Q&A #2 with Guerrilla Games

It's time again for what's quickly becoming a weekly tradition - a one-hour live chat with our good friends in Guerrilla Games. Starting at noon Pacific/3pm Eastern, Jan-Bart Van Beek and Geert Donker will be joining the Playstation Blog live from Amsterdam. They worked on the Killzone 2 TV spot that was revealed last week using KZ2's game engine. They're on hand to answer questions about anything you saw in that ad and the recently announced "4-D" PS3 app, where you'll be able to take a closer look into the world revealed in the ad.

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Blademask3554d ago

I repeat. Why are people so stupid? These are the picked questions?

"Whats in game mean?"

trancefreak3554d ago

this much was funny when asked about the frame rate

"30 locked and pretty much solid 99% of the time. I think the guys at digital foundry dissected the whole game.. have a look on their site... beware of spoilers though"