Keiji Inafune Discusses Capcom's Future

Keiji Inafune, veteran designer at Capcom and the producer of both the Dead Rising and Lost Planet series (to say nothing of his work on Mega Man and Resident Evil), is perhaps the single individual who represents Capcom's new direction more than anything else. The Osaka-based publisher has taken a major push in recent years to expand into the international marketplace and concentrate on user-building, top-selling blockbusters -- a philosophy that Western pubs pioneered in gaming.

It's been a great success so far, with Capcom breaking a million for nearly all of its recent titles and Resident Evil 5 shaping up to be one of 2009's top blockbusters. As head of R&D and online business at Capcom, Inafune has had a hand in engineering Capcom's entire rethinking of its role in the industry -- and in a long, rambling interview with Weekly Famitsu, he discussed where his employer's at now and where it wants to be in the future.

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