Home Gets Video Streaming

A popular space in Home is the Theatre which houses a number of trailers including the recent addition of the Shoot! series.

Well today, TedTheDog went on the European PlayStation forums to announce that one of the Shoot! movies is now testing a unique feature to the service - Video Streaming.

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Cajun Chicken3519d ago

Pretty damned cool if I do say so myself!

Call me stupid, but I already thought the vids in the theatre were directly streamed anyway...

GVON3519d ago

It works really well,and I can see huge potential in this.

Imagine if SCE and Sony movies got together on this,in theory (for a small charge) they could launch movies in home and in cinemas on the same day,I'd pay for that.

they could stream anything,even sign a similar netflix deal with someone and stream direct to home,one second your playing a pool tournament whilst creating a custom server for killzone2 from your clan club house,then launch into that for a hour,launch straight back into home and watch a the new watchmen movie all without using the XMB

SiLeNt KNighT3519d ago

this is a good feature for many but until sony allows you to stream media from your ps3 to your HOME TV i dont care. streaming media between freinds was a feature present when home was announced but do to legal reasons has been canned most likely indefinitely. if sony can bring this to Home i believe it will single handedly make psn better than live and home well worth everything it is.

gta28003519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

That sounds like a good idea. Imagine a new movie coming to theaters...and they premier it at the HOME theater along with real cinemas, for a smaller charge. Set a schedule of what times the movie runs and I think they will score big with all those lazy people that don't like to go out. Plus, it would be great to watch a movie with a gaming community. Well, that's just an idea but I would def pay for movies like that.

rockleex3518d ago

Short sighted people lack the foresight to see potential. (obviously)

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Major_Tom3519d ago

Home keeps getting better and better.

phosphor1123519d ago

lol..I fell into the trap of Home..I bought clothes =[ lmao. IT WAS SO TEMPTING TO LOOK SNAZZY!!

na2ru13519d ago

with loose wallet change leftovers.

Nightfallen3519d ago

Slowly it starts to come to life. I haven't been using the service since launch day. Give me a Killzone room, future conferences in-home (as promised. GDC would be awesome, same with E3), and few small features and I will use it a lot more.

cryymoar3519d ago

should give a press conference via Playstation Home in a convention center-type room and let PS Home users join in, have a seat, and listen in and watch the conference. Would be soooo cool!

edgeofblade3519d ago

The more astute of you will notice, this only applies to the EU Home service. US and JPN get screwed again.

But don't let that detract from the fact that this IS a step in the right direction for Home.

Cajun Chicken3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

To be fair, most of Home is developed in the EU anyway. It's mostly Studio London, I think.
Besides, ever visited the EU Home Square? I think that the US and JP are getting it good.

RussDeBuss3519d ago

US screwed again? is that sacasm?
moaning about vid streaming in home, we still don't even have video store on ps store yet, we got sf2 hd a few dats b4 sf4 was released, pointless and countless other screw overs

darthv723519d ago

how does one from a certain region get into home's around the world? I was thinking that would be possible from the world map. I would like to visit japan home square by way of getting on a virtual plane.

Karum3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

lol US and Japan screwed in Home again that's almost as good as the non blu-ray ps3

Oh and Darth you can't visit other regions places like home square/ can only be invited by a user in another region to one of their pads and that's it.

If you want to visit the US or JPN versions of Home you'll need a US/JPN PSN account

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Megaton3519d ago

The EU Home theater is insanely good compared to the US and JPN versions. US has 1 screen, JPN has 2, EU has about a dozen.

Godmars2903519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

If you look on the download description, it says that there are suppose to be ten screens available in the US.

And though I haven't been there for awhile, being an idiot and losing the password to my JP account and all, thought that the JP theater had four screens?

Megaton3519d ago

The JPN theater might have 4 now, I haven't been there since the closed beta.

I've heard that way back in the 2007 closed beta period, the US Home had the same multi-screen/two story lobby setup that the EU Home has now. If that's true, whoever thought it was a bright idea to scrap it in place of the current 1 screen room should be fired.

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