Windows Vista: What the developers say

Some of the biggest names in PC game development air their views on the new OS and DirectX 10

"I think there's lots of good things in Vista that will help gaming", opines Rein, although he says he's "bitterly disappointed" that Microsoft has developed a 32-bit version of Windows Vista. In terms of moving PC gaming forward, he thinks the biggest thing Microsoft could have done "was maybe give us 64-bit only."

For Warren Spector, president at Junction Point Studios, one - if not the - key improvement Vista brings to PC gaming is raising the graphics-standard level. "The biggest thing", he says, "may be the graphics requirements of the new operating system."

"If we can move the low-end graphics bar up, that alone will ensure more systems out there are capable of running modern games. Low end graphics solutions are a nightmare for games. Bringing up the bottom end, which Vista will force, is all good for us."

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