Famitsu Japan Hardware and Game Charts for Feb 16th to Feb 22nd, 2009

Famitsu reports that hardware and software charts in Japan from Feb 16th to Feb 22nd, 2009 were as follows:

Total Hardware:

DSi: 37000 + DSL: 10000 = 47000
PSP: 30000
360: 25000
Wii: 19000
PS3: 16000
PS2: 5100

Top 10 Software:

01. [360] Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope - 166,000 / NEW
02. [PSP] Idolmaster SP: Perfect Sun/Missing Moon/Wandering Star - 121,000 / NEW
03. [NDS] Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!! - 59,000 / 279,000
04. [NDS] Shining Force Feather - 30,000 / NEW
05. [PSP] Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, PSP the Best - 19,000 / 430,000
06. [WII] Wii Fit - 18,000 / 3,179,000
07. [PS3] Street Fighter IV - 18,000 / 103,000
08. [PS2] Sacred Blaze - 17,000 / NEW
09. [WII] Taiko no Tatsujin Wii - 13,000 / 407,000
10. [NDS] Rhythm Heaven - 13,000 / 1,584,000

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pwnsause3552d ago

not surprising since RPGs is what makes the 360 stay afloat in Japan.

Skyreno3552d ago

good for the xbox in japan

frayer3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Hahahaha. Ok. $399.99 PS3, $199.99 360 IN Japan. Got that? Star Ocean is one of the bigger JRPG franchises in Japan and only sells 166k? When all 360 games tend to drop off the charts the next week in Japan? hahaha. The 360 with a $199.99 price point only pushes 25k? With Star Ocean bundles too?? Only 9k higher than the PS3? Which pushed 16k on a slow week with a $399.99 price point? hahahaha. This is embarrassing. Microsoft, call it in. Japan doesn't love you. Yakuza 3 this week and the PS3 should evicerate the 360 easily.

Lucreto3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Not as big of a hareware sales jump that I thought.

I was expecting 50,000 but thinks that people who bought SO4 already had bought a 360 for the other RPG's.

166,000 is a good start and lets how they keep up the numbers and not fall flat after two or three weeks like last time.

edit I looked back at the numbers of WKC and the results are interesting.

White Knight Chronicles (PS3) - 203K first three days
Hardware: 48,000

[360] Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope - 166k first four days
Hardware 25000

Thought I would post it before the fanboys on either side run with it.

Try to keep the coversation civil people.

DrWan3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

More people bought the PS3 to play WKC exclusively as the jump is higher, while comparably the attach rate is higher on the 360 that means not many people bought the X360 to play SO4 (u can subtract the new number from last week's number to get the estimated number of new users bought the X360 to play SO4); so that means a large number of people that bought the SO4 already has a X360 as oppose to WKC, about a 20% of the total shipment of WKC were bought by the people who bought the PS3 just to play WKC.

If most people who bought the SO4 were existing X360 owners, which is true, 166k sold, and increase of about 15k of new X360 (assuming they also got SO4), that means in the coming week if the sale of X360 do not sustain the 25k, the sales of SO4 will decline very quickly as the existing user base has already been saturated and bought the game. However, in the next couple of months u will see spikes of older X360 title go up on the chart because the new install base would have finished SO4 and looking for new games to play.

Lucreto3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

True it will create a bigger market for the 360 in Japan but it may not. It was like people who bought PS3 to watch movie and nothing else. 360 might have the same as well. People will buy it for the RPG's and put it a side if they start appearing on the PS3 or keep the 360 just for the RPG's and set it a side as an "RPG player."

Time will tell.

Cyrus3653552d ago

It's also different time frames though, no doubt WKC did amazing, but that was launched during the holiday shopping period in japan... Star Ocean 4 was launched a few day ago. Maybe SO 4 does better if it launched in Dec.

Lucreto3552d ago

True about the time period but Christmas is different in Japan than here. The game was out on Christmas day but the Japanese exchange presents on the 24th and it usually remains in the family.

We do see an increase in December but it is not that big of an increase.

Cyrus3653551d ago

They have a week or something after the 25th, where alot of "kids" get money, and it's called "Golden week" that people spend on games and small electronic devices, that follow the holidays...

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ShinnokDrako3552d ago

I'm curious to see what happens when FF XIII comes out, since it's a bigger than SO franchise. Hope SE won't let me down, i want a top quality game =P
Btw SO4 is a good game, i'd give it 8 (i wasn't expecting it was good, looking at latest SE products).

DrWan3551d ago

big impact, by then PS3 price would have already dropped