Comparing PSN and Live, Revenue is What Matters

As Sony announced yesterday, Playstation Network has 20 million users. Xbox Live, by comparison, has 17 million But PSN is for the Playstation 3 and PSP (around 70 million devices), while XBL is only for the Xbox 360 (about 28 million). PSN has been around for 27 months. XBL? 67.

If you're interested in the business of video games, there's only one statistic of any significance: Sony has generated $180 million in gross revenue from PSN two-plus years of life. As of the last E3, after about five and a half years, Xbox Live had generated over $1 billion.

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SasanovaS7773550d ago

all that money and yet their online service isnt improving or is getting cheaper...why? because thats the money they use to cover up the broken 3shitties that RROD

Snake Raiser3550d ago

I know.
If somebody(BIG BOSS) wants to buy a system based on the systems online play they wont care about the revenue of the service. (as long as the service is not loosing so much money that it could be shut down.)

SonySoldierEternaL3550d ago

it's like comparing apples and oranges

one is a free service, the other one is a subscription-based (paid) service.

just from this XBL is going to generate more $$$. doesn't mean it's better though.

Cajun Chicken3550d ago

Uh, yeah. Because people think its okay to be charged to play online, most of Joe Public doesn't know any better.

Droid Control3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I will gladly pay for the quality.

Once PSN had group chat across games and movies the way xbox LIVE does, once it has Backwards compatibility, and once it has background downloads, and AMAZING marketplace for games/movies, and DLC, THEN i'll question why i'm paying for LIVE...

Wow, M$ has made over ONE BILLION dollars!

Thats ONE BILLION that Sony have lost out on... Whoops! lol

lokiroo4203550d ago

RRoD, back to zero whoops!

Revelation1013550d ago

Another stupid idiot who pays to use his internet twice.

Snake Raiser3550d ago

"and once it has background downloads"
I could do that when I bought my MGS4 bundle in June 08.

kapedkrusader3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago ) are what matter.

Beast_Master3550d ago

If you actually read the article you would see that they suggest that Sony cut the price of the console and add a subscription fee like MS does for live. I think alot of people would care about that.

nix3550d ago

...not a single cent that is earned by MS or Sony will be going into your pocket.

with that said... it's a matter of choice. if you wanna pay to play games online, pay. it's your money.

btw, i just finished playing KZ2 SP. now i'm gonna try my luck in MP... while you guys will be fighting. and yeah... guess what? i'm not paying a single cent to play this AWESOME GAME ONLINE!!! not even a 0.000385783893874 dollars per hour. q:

STONEY43550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Yeah, if Sony tried to make us pay $60 a year for PSN, I wouldn't pay. Seriously, I'm paying for cable internet, so why should I have to pay to use a console online?

kapedkrusader3550d ago

...I DID read the article. To suggest that the PSN should charge money is a horrible idea. What, 180 million in two years is not enough? If they really wanted to increase their revenue, they could start by stopping PSN game-sharing too. But I believe Sony hasn't done that because they are more considerate to their base than MS is, by far.

Peekay3550d ago

luckily I'm only interested in the business of playing video games and having FREE on-line play!!!

gamesmaster3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

matters to who? you? me?


only people it matters to is microsoft or sony, so why are we even debating this. arnt we gamers?

SasanovaS7773550d ago

its funny how as soon as PSN announces another topic at which it overtook xbox, xbox users have to make up another pointless that they lost the title for mostly used online service, its about how much money their making...

heres what they are making with xbox live...

just enough money to cover the expenses of millions of their broken consoles...


Pennywise3550d ago

Give kaped a cookie... He speaks the truth.


I've never seen such rants about sales from gamers since I came to N4G.

Coconutz9193550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

That's like saying the Wii is a better console because it makes more money...

Blaze9293550d ago

then why take the time out to click on this article and take the time to comment? Why not just ignore? because obviously, YOU care

kapedkrusader3550d ago

...and I like to voice my opinion when I disagree. And I disagree with the author's ideas on making MORE profit for Sony at the cost of it's consumers. Like the saying goes, penny-wise, pound foolish.

XxZxX3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Revenue is what matters only when you works for Microsoft.

Anybody notice it's from Variety?? HHAHAHAA

DelbertGrady3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

It's not real when they present it like this. I liked Sony's way better. Much more honest. Oh well, who cares about sales anyways? It's not like they need sales and revenue to make great games, is it?

Killzone 2, only two more days!

Le Idiotce3550d ago

1) He didnt name his sources
2) XBOX live didnt bring in 1 billion revenue
3) revenue is not profit and profit is what matters. Not revenue.
4) Sony's PSN upkeep costs are lower than MSs upkeep costs.
5) There is a reason why XBOX LIVE costs money. They deliver quality. The quality comes from qualified personel and developers. XBOX live isnt being coded by some fanboy in a basement. Its being coded by 400-900 people at MSs XBOX division who work there from 9 to 5. These people dont work for free. They charge. What they charge is called "salary". Why dont you xbox fanboys look it up in a dictionary. You have any idea how much these people get paid. You dont even understand why MS charges you for XBOX Live, dont talk to me when your IQ level is lower than a sheep.

6) XBOX live is done for as Sony's PSN is more revolutionary. You have MOD support, unlimited downloads, larger PSN games, HOME, dedicated servers, internet browser. Yes, PSN is better. XBOX live does not.

7) XBOX LIVE didnt bring in 1 billion in revenue.

solidt123550d ago

Who even knows if these numbers are real. I can say I made 5 trillion last year and it means nothing without proof.

krauley3550d ago

i like the shrimp w/ lots of wasabi and definitely tuna.

LoVeRSaMa3550d ago

Its not for me?

"How much money did they get off me"

It should be mesured by the Quality of the service by how much its costs, what can I get from my service and how much is it going to vost me.

For me its PSN Almost the same quality as XBL + FREE.

pumpkinpunker3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Of course, PSN is free. It's free because no one would pay for a second-rate service. PS3 users are living in an online stone age. They're like people who swear by AOL. Jeez, I could pay for a new pair of Nike sneakers or I could wear these second-hand Reeboks. I bet PSN users would choose the Reeboks because they're cheap.

JaggedSac3550d ago

More money for them to spend on moneyhats and exclusive dlc.

SaiyanFury3550d ago

Revenue is what matters? Who wrote the article, a Microsoft employee? I get my PS3 games off the PSN and I find a great number of original titles for very cheap. I guess MS is more hell bent on sales, and Sony is more bent on quality games coming out. Sorry, just a gamer's interpretation of the industry at the moment.

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