Next-Gen Racer, Clutch, Is Verified As A No-Show For PS3

Blend Games writes:

"New screenshots have emerged for the hard-edge racer, Clutch (entitled Armageddon Racer in Russia). And as the headline indicates, the screenshots are only for PC and Xbox 360, as Targem Games have only kept the game strictly stationed on the Microsoft-friendly platforms."

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WeaseL3577d ago

The screen shots make it look like a PS2 game.
I'll stick to Burnout Thanks.

cyguration3577d ago

if it had a better picture it would somehow be a better game?

Did no one learn anything from Lair/Too Human/Haze?

REALZILLA3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

We will have Twisted Metal, Hah!!!

Put that in your mouth, chew it, swallow it.

Sucks for you....Don't it