Gamertell Review: Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride for DS

From the review, "The most striking part of Dragon Quest V is how realistic it is. Well, you know, for a fantasy game set in a medieval world populated with monsters and other mystical creatures. Instead of having some young kid set out to save the world in one grand adventure, you're instead looking at the life of a warrior over a substantial period of time. You grow attached to your character, his family and their struggles - a rarity in games.

Players begin Dragon Quest V as the son of a fairly famous warrior named Pankraz. Pankraz has venturing throughout the world for as long as his son has been alive, searching for something. You don't learn what, exactly, Pankraz was looking for until at least five hours into the game. Until then, you get into some relatively minor adventures like banishing monsters from an abandoned castle..."

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