iPod Touch could halt PSP resurgence

Sony's surprise announcement of a number of big-hitting PSP titles yesterday proves that it remains firmly committed to its portable platform – but one analyst has said that Apple could yet prove to be a fatal thorn in Sony's side.

Speaking to MCV's sister site CasualGaming,biz today, Game Brief's Nicholas Lovell stated: "The iPod Touch is rapidly becoming the portable media player of choice amongst a younger audience, exactly the place that Sony wanted to be with the PSP.

"But the iPod doesn't have expensive processors or a unique format disc like the UMD; it is an easy-to-use device that offers consumers their music, podcasts, short-form video and accessible games on the move and in my opinion, will be the final nail in the PSP's coffin."

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Darkseider3550d ago

Not again. The iPod touch plays music and videos well and games like ass. The PSP does music and videos just as well but plays games VERY well minus a touch screen. The iPod Touch and iPhone have absolutely NO HOPE in their current iterations of ever supplanting the PSP or DS as a portable gaming device.

Captain Tuttle3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

And I've got nothing else to add.

Good post.

Montrealien3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I dissagree, I own the Iphone and a PsP and I enjoy them both, however Itunes + Iphone = a very good combo and is much easier to manage music, podcast, videopodcasts tvshows and easy touch games. I find myself playing my psp at home much more now, my Iphone is the ultimate portable media player imho, oh, and the screen is much less painfull in sunlight, the psp blows major chunks under sunlight.

AriesFury3550d ago

I disagree. The iPhone/iPod Touch has something the PSP doesn't have, memory instead of a stick. Having a 32GB HDD is much better than a stupid pro stick and having games that are at a range from Demo to $10 and now half is better than $30.

mcm3550d ago

Aries are you serious?

I have both and I'm sorry but the IPhone / IPod will never replace a DS or PSP no matter what the memory size is.
The Ipod touch is great for what it is a micro media center, but it is not a game system.
The IPod touch is too expensive too. If you buy the 8Gb its what? $199.00. At that price though you would be better off buying a PSP and a 8GB or 16GB memory stick simply because of the library of games available.
I don't know too many parents who will buy the Touch especially the higher gig units for their kids, and everyone knows that the DS and PSP is targeted towards that demographic first.

Now the IPhone ? Touch will sway the older gamer or the casual gamer, but then again the DS seems to have that one lock tight also.

Tony P3550d ago

The iPhone is as much of a threat to DS and PC as browser games are to hardcore PC gaming.

XGRaViSmOrSX3550d ago


and the PSP has one thing the iphone/itouch will never have. a removable battery.

but all kidding aside anyone who points out the fact that the psp's memory is expandable as a shortcoming is obviously not in tune with portable media.

i love being able to take my memory stick out of my psp and put it into my ps3 and it syncs up right away. then i'll take that same memory stick and put it into the card reader on my pc to add even more files. then slip it back into my psp and viola! more content!

if the psp adds a second analog stick and touch features minus the UMD media i really cant see how the iphone can then try and break into the portable games market and compete w/ the PSP2 and DSi

andyo133550d ago

(it's exactly the same but slimer than iphone and without the big price tag)
I have used an awful lot of aps on the itouch and i must say some of the titles are superb quality such as rolando(loco roco), hero of sparta(god of war) and tiki towers(world of goo). Although they arn't as good as what psp has to offer, they are much much cheaper, easier to obtain (i get them free) and the itouch is incredibly thin which i find very impressive. itouch has tons and tones of games, one that stands out is "edge" which is a great puzzle game that works well with the touch function of the itouch.

also psp doesnt have a period tracker, gender prediction, homework planner. or at least it doesnt have 500 variations of each of those

SaiyanFury3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

The iPhone/iPod Touch are no threat to the PSP. The PSP is a dedicated games machine that has multimedia functionality as an afterthought. The PSP does multimedia quite well. On top of that, iPod gaming is an after thought on those devices. Sure a few games might show up, but companies like what the PSP does. PS2 gaming on the go is what PSP gamers love. A touch screen is cumbersome and won't unseat the PSP just based on hype. The PSP might not have built in memory, but that's because Sony gives the user the freedom to opt to a larger memory stick. Something the Apple devices can't claim.

Montrealien3549d ago

(Sure a few games might show up)

more like a few a day. but that's not the point..

Once again, I am not affraid of the PsP's viability, I think it does not need to be defended. But the way Itunes and the Iphone/Itouch are slowly creeping in the market is something Sony and Nintendo need to look out for, and as gamers appreciate.

PsP = fine portable gaming/multimeia device with great games.
Iphone = fine portable multimedia/gaming device, with great games.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Nobody is going to take a fully touch based game device seriously. I love my iPhone but the games are really mediocre compared to the PSP.

Montrealien3550d ago

maybe so, but they are much easier to play on the go imho. Poker and tower defence games are perfect for it and can be played in one hand. Don;t get me wrong, the psp does have higher quality games, but the Iphone stuff should not be taken lightly, pick up and play games are made for on the go situations.

Microsoft Xbox 3603549d ago

You know, turn based RPG could actually work too, now that I think about it. That would be sweet.

Montrealien3549d ago

there are a few, nothing spectacular though. Square made us a decent tower defence game, if it sells well, a tactics game might be on the way in the near future :D

2FootYard3550d ago

I don't think the Ipod has the same developer support as the PSP.

TriforceLightning3550d ago

There are more developers backing the IpodTouch.

XxZxX3550d ago

Gaming device without button, D-Pad and analog stick?

Neeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh

mrdxpr23550d ago

really i have ipod touch and it isnt a game device i couldnt play games with it its just not a gaming device sorry

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