Gears of War 2 snubbed at DICE AIAS awards

BLORGE writes:

"One of the longest standing award ceremonies in the video game industry took place recently at DICE. The summit is held in recognition of developers and major contributors in the industry. It seems that the award show was dominated by Sony Playstation titles with 10 awards and showed very little love towards Microsoft exclusive titles."

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ThePlaystation3guy3519d ago

What would you expect when a title like LittleBigPlanet was nominated for 10 awards?

BLUR1113519d ago

Gears of war doesn't need award's everyone knows it's the best 3rd person shooter ever made.

lol at socom

Helghast Slayer3519d ago

Bu bu but Gears2 scored 93 on Metacritic. It is teh best games in teh world lol. Yet again this further reinforces that review scores are moot. If you wanna go by score then LBP and Super Mario are the best console exclusives ever created.

BLUR1113519d ago


No thanks kid I play mature games

I said it was the best 3rd person shooter ever made. GTFO droid

Zeus Lee3519d ago

Maybe because Gears of War 2 wasn't as innovative nor creative as people thought it would be?

Same applies to Killzone 2,IF it was to win any awards at DICE next year-they'll all have to do with the technical achievements of the game.

Just the reality people,just the reality.

-EvoAnubis-3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

100% agree. It simply didn't deserve to win anything because it really didn't do anything new. It's a fine game; don't get me wrong, but innovative? Not so much.

GWAVE3519d ago

Gears 2 was a fun game, but it was a flawed game. If you look at the awards they handed out and the games that won, Gears 2 doesn't really fit.

However, the author betrays his stance when he says "However, it seems that the game hasn’t been getting as much attention as it truly deserves." WHAT?!?! Seriously? Gears 2 was one of the most-hyped and highest-selling game of 2008.

Blademask3519d ago

They have convinced developers based on a form of the engine that they DO NOT SHARE with developers that their games Can/Will look like tech marines fighting on space adventure 9: The normal map edition. And People buy off on it due to the amazing documentation behind the engine that some see as an easy way to cut costs on game development. Big problem there, all of the games look exactly the same, and they all perform the same way. Epic used to be on the forefront of gaming technology, they really were. But something happened with the 360/PC development, they dont want to move beyond it.

It has to kick Epic in the creative/why we got into this business joitns when they see their creations aren't exactly top dog anymore. But I wonder how much of that is easily erased with $. Theres nothing wrong with making a few bucks, but lets not forget that developers like MediaMolecule/Naughty Dog/GG/KojimaPro definitely have a vision/dream of games that they want the world to see. And it goes hand in hand with technological advancements to enhance your gaming experience.

Its about the money, but you make games because you love doing them. If you want to just make $$$, make Wii games. This is what Sony gets right about gaming, and what some people miss. Do you think anyone loses sleep that they didn't spend 30 million dollars to advertise Uncharted? Or 50 million into an already created game engine for DLC? I'd have to say the only people are, are the ones looking over their shoulders at the Killzone2 booths.


Anon19743519d ago

Yeah, finished Gears 2. It was fun. Award winning? Not a chance. Gears was special when it came out in 2006 but Gears 2 was a slight bit better looking, but more of the same. This should surprise no one.

barom3519d ago

Yup Gears Of War 2 was merely a Gears Of "more". Whatever they tried to do new or to spice up the game, came out as a gimmick or just annoying. *spoilers btw* One of the biggest was the having your co-op partner holding one side of this box (which was actually a bomb) and you on the other, and basically being stuck together and limited your moveset. The reaver riding was awesome to look at, but the gameplay was just really really bad. The vehicle stuff was even worse. I think the only thing they did kinda right, was the brumak ride. *end spoiler*

In any case I should note that I wasn't the biggest Gears Of War fan to begin with mainly because it was too much of the same and too few set pieces. Which is why I was happy that Gears 2 looked like it would spice things up. Unfortunately for me, coming from a game like COD4 and God Of War 2 where everything was done absolutely right, Gears 2's attempt variety just came off as gimmicky and for the most part annoying. If anyone listens to 1up yours, listen to the last "1up yours" podcast with Luke Smith and he expresses my opinion very well.

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MURKERR3519d ago

gears 2 had broken multiplayer didnt look drastically different from gears 1 and didnt bring anything new to the table was just more of the same, thats no bad thing thing but nothing to win awards about

Mindboggle3519d ago

Can someone care to explain why the multiplayer was so bad ??

mralexander3519d ago

Joining a Multiplayer game took ages, especially when playing splitscreen online with a friend. Once the match round ended, you would get kicked to the starting screen, and from there was rinse and repeat. No screen to select which game to join, lag joining a game, quick matches, then back to menu.

Mindboggle3519d ago

Exactly like Resistance 2, it took ages to find a game, it booted you back to the main screen and was just frustrating. I eventually got fed up and havent played it since, wheras the online features and matchmaking on resistance 1 was the best there is....

pixelsword3519d ago

Because I play Resistance 2 a lot (99% is the co-op) and my brother plays competitive, and we never had problems with getting online; and we live near two schools and have a two colleges in our city.

Mindboggle3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Why cant you fanboys just accept resistance 2 online was rubbish compared to other games in the genre...cod4 and resistance 1 are far superior

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slimy the g8ter3519d ago

it wouldnt win anything. if there was a award 4 most broken multiplayer it would win lolz

GameGambits3519d ago


Gear 2 multiplayer stinks because:
1) No dedicated servers
2) Host is randomly picked, so it can be the kid with 56K dial up
3) Unbalanced. Chainsaw over powered, melee over used, smokes r a joke
4) Standbying on routers.
5) Rank up system does NOT put you on equal terms team wise
6) Plenty of games I joined were already 3vs5 or worse in a lobby
7) I can't pick the exact game type I want to play. Warzone only plz.
8)Glitches, glitches, glitches, glitches. They are still there.

People try to say the online MP is fun when you aren't doing ranked...Congratulations on nerfing your overall online experience you can have with an online shooter. Yeah I just want to play with my buddies against my buddies in a controled environment. I need some chaos to my multiplayer, but it shouldn't come from game mechanics and failures the development team let in.

Roper3163519d ago

I feel that Dead Space was a far better game then GeOW2 as far as TPS's go. I played both and I enjoyed DS far more then GeOW2, but then again that is just my opinion like the guy who wrote the article.

Jinxstar3519d ago

Absolutely. I myslef can't wait for the Wii game. I know I am a minority but I feel it had the best story of 08 as well.

Cajun Chicken3519d ago

I wish more real TPS came out of the likes of MDK and Armed and Dangerous.

Jinxstar3519d ago

MDK... I miss Shinny entertainment Cajun =D

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