Lost Planet 2 Not Confirmed Exclusive

Capcom has refused to confirm that Lost Planet 2 will be an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Edge contacted Capcom to bring clarity to the situation, yet a representative for the publisher could not take the opportunity to brand the game as an exclusive. "All we can say at this time is that we've announced Lost Planet 2 for the 360," he responded. "That's all I can say."

In September last year Capcom stated that "...all major titles launched during the next fiscal year or thereafter will be developed as multiplatform games."

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gamfreak3579d ago

It timed exclusive than....

Lfmesquite3579d ago

is clouded with fanboys making their own news and assumptions.

I'm sorry, but Lost Planet 2 has not been confirmed to be exclusive in anyway shape or form.

The the only thing we know is that XBOX 360 is getting the game. That's all that was confirmed. It was not mentioned if XBOX 360 is the only console getting the game or not.

So, I don't know how some people can be saying that's confirmed exclusive.

N4360G3579d ago

LOL Lost Planet 2 will be released for the PS3 around the same time the Xbox 360 version of Lost Planet 2 is released.

GWAVE3579d ago

CAPCOM declared long ago that they were going to be a "multiplatform company". So, it's not to hard to believe that LP2 will be multiplat.

jammy_703579d ago

why the hell there was post earlier saying it was exclusive....

waste of time

most probz be timed, or multi...

ape0073579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I want it to be xbox 360 exclusive

it's a bad thing to found all games on all platforms

I want each system to offer fresh air

kz2 on ps3

infamous on ps3

alan wake on 360

LP2 on 360

who agrees?

and besides,resi 5 and lost planet 1 looked better on 360 and both have huge mandatory installs on ps3 versions

capcoms's new engine has been built on a 360 (pc) pool

but in the end capcom will make multiplat,you can't overlook 21 million install base

RussDeBuss3579d ago

...and 3rd party as multiplatform. It makes sense, with dev costs always increasing 3rd party devs should do multiplat and release at same time so they can try and sell as many copies as possible. The only time a timed or permanect exclusive makes sense is if it is paid for by one of the console makers.

this is where M$ start to look a bit weak now, they do not have as many 1st/2nd party exclusives as PS3, and 3rd party games a more likely to be multiplat as well, now that PS3 has 15 or 20+ million consoles out there, it's too big a market and too many potential sales to loose.

As long as the 3rd party games look the same on both consoles and are not crappy ports then its all good. There is no excuse any more for PS3 versions of 3rd party games to be bad versions.

COD 4/waw, burnout, bioshock(after 1st patch came out to cure texture glitch), fallout 3 etc. all show 3rd party games can be nearly the same, and i don't care about stupid comparison videos that show the tiniest little difference, if they look almost the same and play the same then fine.

Tony P3579d ago

Seriously, I hate having these people with agendas writing their own version of the news so we get eight different conflicting reports. Even if it's spin, the FACTS should remain the same. We've known the game wasn't necessarily exclusive since it was announced as multiplatform from the get go. I don't see why it took another article to basically restate what Capcom clearly stated in the first place.

JokesOnYou3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Whenever a dev can't confirm or deny whether a game is multi or not then its obvious they are still in on going negotiations with at least one party...otherwise why not announce it for both the 360 and ps3? Sure you could say its to build hype from speculation but Capcom has already said they are focused on multiplat development, so why not just announce it for both, they could build hype with promotions, trailers, screen shots and of course huge promises/claims while attracting both fanbases. Basicly Capcom is waiting for a check from micro...if micro pays it'll at the very least be a timed exclusive, if they pass it will be a same day multiplat release.


gaffyh3579d ago

Ok usually when a company refuses to confirm exclusivity, it's cos it's not exclusive

Blademask3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Let the 360 community have a multiplatorm exclusive, I doubt any PS3 owners were happy with the LP port, or the time we got it... Even when capcom announced it the world said "...". A year old port of a 60% average game,


But now its like LP2 is metal gear? Its a game for the 360, replace lost planet with any 360 title on n4g, and the stories would be just as on fire. in 2009 its funny knowing that the hottest gaming news on N4G for the 360 Lost Planet 2, oh my how times have changed. I'm sure most of you, especially the 8+million halo3 crowd was looking for LP2 especially after the phenomenal game that LP1 was. Man i gotta b uy me a 360, First Race Pro, then Halo Wars!! now this! AA all around baby!

IdleLeeSiuLung3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )


The game received a 79% average on metacritic on the 360. It was the PS3 version that got 67%. Even the second release on the 360 got a higher score. Not that it matters, because to me it was at least a grade A title. I will be buying this game!

Publishers don't care for scores, they only care for sales and LP sold 2.2 million on the 360 alone. On par if not more than PS3's supposedly supreme titles such as Resistance 2 and Little Big Planet that had incredible hype around it. As of January 2009, LBP only sold 1.3 millions copies worldwide.

Blademask3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I didn't realize Lost Planet was in such high demand. Perhaps I was wrong about everything, and this is truly going to be that next generation Megaton title that gamers worldwide have been waiting for since the first one.

Supposed Supremacy is something that isn't measureable. Doubt any financial reports quote fanboy hype for profit targets. LBP sold well, and R2 sold as well as L4D. I Know its second nature to compare anything to PS3 exclusives to get any sort of shallow victory, but why not compare Lost Planet to somethin like oh.. Gran Turismo or somethin? I think the demo sold more copies.. which means.. absolutely.. nothing. Because sales has nothing to do with quality.

I think the Johnaas brothers are at the top of the charts right now. Lost Planet was a beyond mediocre game, its like saying Army Of Two was amazing based on sales alone.

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techie3579d ago

And we knew this if we read the press release in the first place.

Zeus Lee3579d ago

Eh,if you're not going to make it for the Ps3-then just say so.

Don't be scared of Sony fans snubbing your games,they're more mature than that.

chrisnick3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

no im not...u don't wanna give me a chance to play it because you didn't want to take the time to learn about my system...then why should i break my neck to help u sell your other games?....screw that.

Lfmesquite3579d ago

Atleast someone has some sense. No, the game was not confirmed exclusive.

I'm sorry, it just wasn't.

It's amazing how crappy the game journalism gets sometimes.

Why dis3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Here we go every year when PS3's lineup is hyped then cut back PS3 fanboys hope and wish for 360 exclusives all year.

Is PS3 getting a crappy port in 2012? lol

The game is not being made for PS3 get over it losers.

Final Fantasy Versus is coming to 360 for sure based on you morons logic.