The Schwag Review: Final Fantasy Edition

The Game Reviews has decided to tap into the heavily marketed Final Fantasy series for this week's edition of The Schwag Review. A few bits of Final Fantasy goodness have been selected for you to peruse. Some are affordable, and some...not so much, but they're all pretty cool.

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cain1413555d ago

The best Swag is free Swag...

stewie328873555d ago

Well, you know what? We don't all have access to free Schwag! If you want affordable stuff, check out the Bargain Bin when it comes out... jeez. ;)

cain1413555d ago

Geeky shirts that aren't overtly geeky are awesome. It's like walking around with an inside joke that no one else knows is even there...

stewie328873555d ago

You see! the man gets it!

iTZKooPA3555d ago

Isn't SWAG, by definition, free? Stuff We All Get.

stewie328873555d ago

Hey! If you have a better name for column I'd like to hear it! I mean what should it be? "The Random Crap Review?" Jeez, people and there technicalities. ;)

BetaChris3555d ago

No Black Mage Chocobo plush, FF VII limited edition soundtrack box, or diecast replica of Squall's Gun Blade? ;)

stewie328873555d ago

Sorry, but plushies are stupid and I wasn't impressed by the diecast replicas. If they were lifesize, maybe, but who wants to play with a gunblade that's only 1/6th of the real thing?

I like the soundtrack idea though. I'll have to remember that for the future.

SirLarr3555d ago

God that bumper sticker...

If I saw one of those on the road I'd intentionally hit the car sporting it.

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