Is PSN overtaking Xbox Live?

Techradar: The Sony numbers refer to PSN registrations which represent lifetime-to-date PSN registrations on both PS3s, PSPs and through PCs (although not by the same person across more than one platform)," according to Screen Digest's Senior Analyst, Piers Harding-Rolls.

Harding-Rolls notes that it is difficult to compare these latest PSN user figures to Microsoft's Xbox Live in a like-for-like type way because "these [PSN] registrations are not comparable to any announced Xbox Live subscriber numbers (as these are active accounts not lifetime registrations). The last reported Xbox Live subscriber numbers were 17 million at the end of 2008."

The analyst also adds the caveat that "neither of these numbers represent individual users (it's possible to hold more than one account as a user) nor individual consoles attached to the internet (it's possible to have more than one account on an individual bit of hardware)."

TechRadar requested future projections for both PSN and Xbox Live, though while Screen Digest has its own projections for both services they were not able to share them with us at this time."

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With the way the PSN is growing, MS will be forced to make XBL free, they're basically the same now.

Unless you think a universal friends list is worth $50 a year...

MGOelite3519d ago

if all the things from firmware 2.7 are true then PSN will overtake XBL

labaronx3519d ago

Microsoft makes most of its money from Live which is why they make more of an effort to get exclusive DLC over the PSN.

Fishy Fingers3519d ago

Well according to a leaked Excel sheet, MS have made around a $1 billion off Xbox Live since the 360s release. It doesnt specify what percentage of that is through subscriptions though but I assume it's a good chunk. So I doubt you'll see a free service anytime soon.

N4360G3519d ago

The PSN will overtake XBL soon enough,and it's free!!

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GWAVE3519d ago

It's "free" versus "not free". That's what it boils down to. Plus, as a general rule of thumb, I find online multiplayer to be more stable on PSN. Lag-free 60-player Resistance 2 says "Hi", yet Gears 2 had/still has trouble getting 10 people to play together without a basket full of lag.

Mindboggle3519d ago

Dont take this as a fanboy quote but the $1 billion they have recieved from the live supscriptions has been surpassed by the $1 billion+ they have spent on fixing RROD issues. Its stupid really.

ape0073519d ago

if psn got 2.7,cross invites

and all new interactive home spaces,that time psn will be better than live

kevoncox3519d ago

No I think Demos and content is worth $50.00.
I'm sorry but the PSN store is a barren waste land. I at least know MS will support it's game siwth DLC and pushes for that. Sony seems content to not care.

I also like the fact that people ahve mics and use them. I can pass on the cursing but I think building a community is easier if people talka nd joke together. Sometimes someone gets blown up and it's funny..on Psn all I get is silence.

Kill Crow3519d ago

when I select something to download on PSN, I then have to install it seperately?

I get very poor speeds on my PSN downloads, so often setup a few to come down overnight ... but then I still have to install each one ... what's the point of it?

darthv723519d ago

Sorry, but I am old (36) and don't really know this young people terms. What does it mean when "blah blah blah says Hi"?

On topic, I have both a ps3 and 360 and have an account on both so I am a single user with both services. I am sure there are hundreds of thousands of people like me so I don't see one service passing the other unless one service makes a rule to say you can't have the other competitive system or you can't join.

There are pluses and minuses for both. A plus for psn is it is free. A minus would be the segregated way the store works in the xmb. It will get better so I can forgive the little nuances.

A plus for 360 is live is the xmb for the 360. Everything is right there without having to go in or out of one part of the service (except netflix). A minus would be the lack of online play for silver members being child accounts on a gold membership. I like to play online from time to time and my son has his own account on my machine. It should be given some type of parental access for child accounts to go online to play not just to explore the live content.

Some improvements I would like to see to both would be the seamless integration of the ps store as actual sections of the xmb. You have the games and music and pics but also have a demos and dl page and in the videos you have the ability to browse for new ones on the store.

It might sound strange but I find having to go sign in to the store and leave the xmb to be somewhat restricting. I can understand that for home because you are basically leaving a 2d environment and entering a 3d one. The different parts of the store should be merged into the respected sections of the xmb. I'd also like to see more demos available for the various psn arcade titles. How am I going to know if I like the game enough to buy it if I can't try it out?

Improvements to live are something more along the lines of adding online play to silver (child) accounts with a gold account present. Maybe lowering the cost of the service. Although at $50 a year it is certainly cheaper than playing WoW every month.

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Anon19743519d ago

Content on the PSN is growing at the same rate as it did on the 360, so I'm not concerned there. As it is I'm finding it increasingly difficult to locate a particular something given the amount of content available over PSN. As for people not using mics, my experience is that idiots aren't using mics for the most part. Yeah, it's quieter online than XBL, but I find that it's not necessarily a lack of mics but a lack of people singing, playing loud music and generally screaming whatever racist thought pops into their heads. I've noticed playing COD4, more than half of gamers usually have mics - they just aren't screaming all the time.

As for installs - click the button once more. Was that so hard? Or queue up your downloads and tell the PS3 to turn itself off when they're all done. If you go this route your PS3 will download, install then shut itself down if you can't be bothered to click your button the one more time required to say "Yes, install please."

As for download speeds, to the other guy, something's wrong with your connection. Just google speeds, MTV recently did a batch of tests that found either the PSN to be equal or sometimes faster than XBL in their download tests.

Aquanox3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

The only real way to compare both would be if Sony and Microsoft announce "consoles connected to PSN or Xbox Live" instead of individual accounts, which being free on PS3, are highly likely to be duplicated in each machine.

Yes, you can do the same on Xbox Live, but will only be able to play online with the one registered with gold account, so it doesn't make much sense to do so.

Robearboy3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Dude i have both psn and live and there is no way that psn is anywhere near the quality of live, but i do agree that live should be free

Anon19743519d ago

Aquanox said "The only real way to compare both would be if Sony and Microsoft announce "consoles connected to PSN or Xbox Live" instead of individual accounts, which being free on PS3, are highly likely to be duplicated in each machine."

First off, haven't they repeatedly confirmed that these numbers are accounts registered to one user, one master account?
Secondly, for the love of god, why would people do this? Highly likely to be duplicated on each machine. That statement makes no sense to me. I could see a very small minority of people who might have an account in Japan to download or something to take advantage of different content - but I currently don't know one PS3 owner who has multiple accounts, or even one person who has the slightest desire to set up another account. To say everyone would do this - here's one PS3/360 owner that says you've lost your marbles.

gaffyh3519d ago

@kevoncox - PSN has Demos and content for free. I don't see what your point is.

vhero3518d ago

at kevoncox you talk about demos on live compared to PSN but that's the devs that put them up not MS that has bugger all to do with the fees as they are free with a silver membership you pay to play online so maybe you should really think before you type in future huh?? The fact is we live in a world where online gaming is free on everything from my mobile phone to my PC and the only thing that isn't is MMO's and Xbox live. MMO's makes needs subs to stay alive however live makes money from games, movies, avatar items etc.. just like Sony do from their downloadable content. The fact is MS can supply live for free they just choose to rip off there customers, not to provide a better service but as a premium so they can keep console prices so damn low!

So you can all babble on about how cheap the Xbox 360 is but thats the exact damn reason live will NEVER be free.

creatchee3518d ago

Yeah, and the horrible lag I get whenever someone joins a room with as little as 3 people in it and the pitiful hit detection on SOCOM: Confrontation says hi too. PSN is no more stable than LIVE - it's a question of the developer utilizing proper techniques for smooth online play. Dedicated servers CAN matter, but they don't always matter. I've had smooth and laggy P2P games and smooth and laggy dedicated games.

In general, the differences are negligible.

Kill Crow3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

but recently got a PS3 because I want to play Killzone - who doesn't.

I'm not saying PSN isn't great, but I do get substantially slower download speeds on it than on my PC or xbox? All devices are over wireless and I have 16MB broadband. That's not really my problem though, because I can just queue up a bunch of downloads and they're there for me the next day ... no problem.

My point is why do I have to install each download seperately after having downloaded it? I just want to play a demo, but the game installs themselves can take 15 minutes .... and that's the last thing I want to do after having waited all night for a download. I downloaded 6 demo's one night, and then could only play 2 of them because I couldn't be arsed waiting for all the installs, which you have to do seperately.

What would be cool is if you could either select "Install ALL downlaoded content" or, instead of download button to have a "Download and Install" button.

I really don't think that's too much to ask? As a programmer myself I find these subtle interface nuances really annoying ...

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HarukoHex3519d ago

actually they both have there ups and downs, but neither is overall best.

Myst3519d ago

I agree, and pointless to compare the two amongst ourselves really. If either side wants to improve perhaps a bit of a survey or even sending emails to Sony or Microsoft corresponds is in need.

Fishy Fingers3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

PC I guess is the Holy Grail to aspire to. Free and offers everything you can get on Live/PSN plus more. Then again the PC isn't as friendly and doesnt offer everything in one nice package (3rd party apps etc).

kewlkat0073519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

is more polished, in terms of communication, unity and developer consistency.

Free or not Free it is, whatever that satisfy most gamers. I cannot accept everything that is free and think that it will always equal quality.

I have both and use both, so that's my take.

If there was no XBL, I bet you PSN would have not been free. competition forced Sony to compete and they went with that model, now you can never go back, seeing how the competition makes money charging.

Jinxstar3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

@ Fishy

"Free and offers everything you can get on Live/PSN plus more"

I can't seem to find flower, pain, super stardust Hd, SSF2THDR, Bionic Commando, Flow, Pixel Junk Monsters, Eden and Racers or a ton of other games on PC... Such as Wipeout, Socom, GT Prologue or Warhawk

I think your a smart guy but really there is plenty PSN offers that PC doesn't... XBL as well to a lesser extent.

V Ahhhh kk. Sorry for the misunderstanding bro. =D game on. Bubs

Fishy Fingers3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Not content/games dude, I just mean features. Private chat, invites, netflix etc etc

I mean the console services aspire to be as flexable and feature rich as a PC. But yeah obviously not content wise.

InfectedDK3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

"actually they both have their ups and downs, but neither is overall best."
- Yep that may be the situation now.

- YES it is + its free.

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Pennywise3519d ago

Free things will always be in more hands than something that is paid for.

Few more features and I can see XBL>PSN stopping dead in its tracks.

PS360WII3519d ago

For accounts? Sure that's already happened at my house too. I have one Live account and 3 on PSN (got to have a Japan and EU account now ^.-)

PimpHandHappy3519d ago


as far as features