Rockstar Games announces DLC for Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Rockstar Games announced today that downloadable content for Midnight Club: Los Angeles will arrive on March 12 for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This downloadable content offers more streets to race in with the free South Central Map Expansion which expands Midnight Club: Los Angeles by one third, adding four new neighborhoods to make up the iconic district of South Central.

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odisho683555d ago

I like this downloadable still get something out of it even if you don't want to pay...and if you are willing to throw down a few bucks you can get a premium version for 10 bucks...

pretty cool idea...I hope that a lot of other developers take the time to add things like this to their games...especially considering that burnout has been updated tremendously with the amount of options that are available for that game...hopefully midnight club can do the same

DARKTRINITYxxx3555d ago

Yep ill be supporting rockstar with this one seem like value playwise for money.