Were Microsoft Layoffs Political or A Token Gesture?

NWW writes: "With no disrespect to the 1,400 employees Microsoft announced they would lay off, you have to wonder if the economy is impacting Microsoft like most companies. I say this knowing that I also called for Microsoft to do NO layoffs and stay busy on task getting important product work done. I've heard many speculate that 5,000 layoffs would really just cut back on the hiring and the normal in-out attrition of Microsoft employment activity during each year.

Chatter at the water cooler is that Microsoft did their layoffs more as a political gesture than out of need. I hate to think those 1,400 folks who received pink slips were the casualty of Microsoft playing some kind of weird politics, but it makes sense in a conspiracy theory kind of way. Of course all this would be very difficult to confirm. We'll just have to see if and how Microsoft follows through on their announced layoff plans."

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